Auditions in Cincinnati for Feature Film



Location: Online Submission

Type: Film

CASTING CALL – Feature Film – SELECT PAID ROLES – Cincinnati, Ohio & Surrounding Area
“Kingship” Non-Union Ultra-Low Budget Independent Feature. 120 minutes
Filming in Cincinnati, Ohio

Auditions: Video Submissions due no later than August 13, 2021

Shooting Dates: September 13 – October 8 [You won’t be needed for the entirety of the shoot, just a number of days specified below]
Alan Wholman and his circle of friends and family find themselves thrust into the center of a national headline’s court case. A court case that puts the rights of religious freedom and the right to gather in danger. As the case goes on, hidden figures manipulate proceedings, blackmail legal professionals and eventually leverage physical violence against Alan and his fellow believers. As Alan is tested, he learns the strength in prayer, family, and the reality of faith when fear stands in the way.
— Character Bios —
The primary antagonist to our hero, Alan. A shadowy and mysterious figure, working behind the scenes. Manipulative and calculating. A very ancient evil lurks within him.
A weasly spy, on a mission to gather any information he can about the whereabouts and status of Alan. While on mission he uncovers a shocking revelation about the power the young boy wields.
A no-nonsense reporter, bent on uncovering the truth behind a local church’s financial scandal. Dedicated and driven.
A member of Alan’s home church. He faces interrogation from a local investigator about the financial scandal involving Alan’s pastor. Honest to a fault, and fearful of what may happen.
A loyal friend of Alan’s family and church and fellow pastor. A well of confidence who’s about to have his faith tested in a way he’s never experienced before. Kindhearted and enthusiastic.

Production Company: Heavenbound Films
Director: Markus Cook
Producers: Bryce Hockema, Caroline Vance
Audition Location: Video Submission to
Shooting Location: Cincinnati, Ohio
Compensation: None

Payment: Paid

City or Location of call: Online Submission
Please submit to: by 2021-08-13
Actors should slate and use the sides provided at the link below. Please, submit videos to our production team’s email, (Youtube/Vimeo links, or formatted as .MOV or .MP4). RESUMES ARE A GREAT ADDITION TO THIS AUDITION. Submit them in the same email. If you are cast you will recieve a follow up email to meet with Bryce and Markus to discuss further details. Audition Sides Actor Information Sheet <- please fill this out when you send in your audition tapes Please submit audition videos here: Please submit any questions or comments to This casting notice was posted by: Kingship

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