Auditions in Greenville, NC for Independent Film Short


Making the Call

Location: Greenville, NC

Type: Educational

Making the Call

Making the Call is a short film that follows the contemporary story of Lieutenant Jeanette Lee, an ambitious newly promoted Emergency Medical Technician, and Major Frank Wilson, a veteran EMT and her boss at a rural North Carolina EMS Station.
Making the Call takes place over the course of 1 day in which Lieutenant Lee and Major Wilson respond to an emergency call to assist Isabel Yates, an elderly patient who has fallen in a parking lot near to her car. This film explores the challenges that confront EMT’s when treating elderly patients and the realities older adults must face when driving automobiles.

Jeanette Lee [African American] Age 25 yo. EMS Lieutenant, strong and ambitious. Extremely well-trained on the newest medical technology and procedures. The first female to get hired at this particular EMS facility. Moved back home to live next door to her grandmother. Just returned from a national conference focused on new regulations. Determined to succeed, sometimes to a fault.

Frank Wilson [Caucasian] Mid 50’s yo. EMS Major, a seasoned veteran. A few pounds overweight. Already eligible for retirement, but loves his job too much to consider doing anything else. Has had a rough but distinguished career and been Major for the past 10 years. He still wonders a bit whether women are physically capable to be EMT’s. A tough nut on outside, but with a soft center.

Isabel Wright [Any ethnicity] 60-70’s yo. Retired distinguished K-12 teacher. Resides in older adult retirement community, insists on driving herself for local errands despite her challenges with memory and cognition. Her husband has passed and her 2 daughters and 3 beloved grandkids live out of state. Experiences a wide-variety of emotions in her senior-citizen years including confusion, anger and vulnerability.

Please send Headshots, Resume, Reel [if available] and the Role you Would Like to Audition for to BOTH:

Monologues are appreciated, if available.
Sides will be provided.

Shoot Dates: For 2 days during June 27th-29th [dates flexible due to weather]
Shooting Location: Greenville, NC and area
Auditions: On-Line and Greenville, NC
Note: Covid Safe Filmmaking Protocols
Production Status: Non-Union and Non-SAG
Compensation: Paid Salary, Meals, Screen Credit, Copy of Final Film for Reel
Filmmaker’s Website:

Payment: Paid

City or Location of call: Greenville, NC
Please submit to: by 2021-06-18
Please send Headshots, Resume, Reel [if available] and the Role you Would Like to Audition for to BOTH: AND and we will send you instructions for a virtual audition.

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