Auditions in London, UK for “PROUD TO BE ME” a 60-minute LGBTQ+ Feature-Film

By | December 13, 2021


Location: London, United Kingdom

Type: Film

Casting for ‘PROUD TO BE ME’ a 60-minute LGBTQ+ Feature-Film based on two girls, Helena and Alexandra, finding their true identity thanks to the Performing Arts. **WE ARE LOOKING FOR BOTH ACTORS AND CREW MEMBERS SO ANYONE IN THE FILM INDUSTRY IS WELCOME TO APPLY**


Helena Evans: Lead Role, Female 18-22. Looking for people to portray a closeted queer in her teens. She’s quite shy and lets people’s opinions get to her quite frequently therefore she is scared to think about what might happened if people found out about her sexuality. *Dance Experience Needed *Kissing on Camera Required *Same-Sex Love Interest

Alexandra Brusford: Lead Role, Female 18-23. She’s a very confident person and won’t hesitate to help people in need to when she comes across Helena for the first time she finds in herself this need of wanting to help her out. She doesn’t think too much of the consequences of her actions, which is what will end up getting her into trouble at some point in the film. *Dance Experience Needed *Kissing on Camera Required *Same-Sex Love Interest

Riley Smith: Lead Role, Female 16-24. Riley is Helena’s best friend. She’s honest and quite comedic. She uses humor as a way to lighten up the mood in different situations and she’s always been Helena’s shoulder to cry on.

Amy Williams: Antagonist Role, Female 18-25. Amy is a girl who was raised with a silver spoon and thinks very highly of herself. She’s very jealous of Helena given her amazing dance skills so she feels quite intimidated by her but hides her emotions by putting on the “I’m a strong girl” mask and bullying her instead. *Dance Experience Needed

Crystal: Supporting Role, Female 16-25. She is Amy’s best friend. She didn’t have many friends when starting out in school so she grew up to feel safe being Amy’s little shadow when Amy asked her to be “friends”. But that doesn’t mean she’s always been okay with this situation.

Derek: Supporting Role, Male 18-25. Derek is Amy’s boyfriend. They met at the beginning of college and have started dating since. He acts cool around his friends but gets bossed when he is around Amy. He’s okay with that though, because he gets to be in a relationship with one of the most popular girls in school.

Michael Evans: Supporting Role, Male 40-60. Michael is Helena’s Father. He grew up to hate anything that has to do with LGBTQ and won let anything change his mind. *Must be comfortable playing a homophobic person

Karen Evans: Supporting Role, Female 40-60. Karen is Helena’s Mother. She’s not a bad person but she grew up in a very religious family so, therefore, agrees with his husband’s point of view.

Dance Teacher: Speaking Role, All genders 30-45. We’re looking for someone with an Athletic build but it’s not mandatory.

PE Teacher: Speaking Role, All genders 30-45. *An Athletic built is preferred but not mandatory.

School Principal: Day Player, Male preferred but Females can also apply* 40-60.

Extras/Background Artists: All ages, All genders. We are looking primarily for dancers to be dance students but anyone is welcome to apply!

CREW Roles:
**As this is our debut project, we are looking for creative individuals who’d be willing to make this project come to life!**

Director of Photography

Production Assistant


Production Designer

Location Sound Recording



Make-Up Artist

Script Supervisor

Camera Operator

Assistant Director

Music Director/Producer

Payment: Non Paid

City or Location of call: London, United Kingdom
Please submit to:
All applicants must send an email with their headshot, resume, and showreel. A dance reel is also preferred but not mandatory.

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  1. Perreaux Marianne

    Hello, I am a young ambitious actress and I would love to be in your movie!


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