Auditions in Rochester, NY for a Student Film Project


Casting Principal Roles In Edgy Rom-com Short

Location: Rochester, NY

Type: Film

Shooting Dates/ Location:October 16th-18th, in the Rochester/ Henrietta area. Must be available for in person or virtual rehearsals the week before the shoot.

Food and transportation will be provided, as well as room and board if you are traveling from out of town. Inquire about further compensation.

1. LACEY (48):Quick-witted, flirtatious, charismatic. Former life of the party, turned life of the AA meeting. An optimist who is too clever for her own good. Her high intelligence is
often underestimated due to her somewhat provocative outfits and her love of all things pink and girly. A well educated, staunch second wave feminist, who wants nothing more than male approval.

2. FRED (45):Lonely, pessimistic, curmudgeon. His age has finally matches his grumpy and cynical disposition. Never married, no kids, and proud of it. He can barely admit that he
does, in fact, crave human connection.

3. DAVE (33):Boyish, washed-up, jock. A perpetual man child who has only just begun the long process of maturation into functional adult. Enthusiasm and a positive outlook make up for his lack of nuance and stunted development. The sort of person you root for.

4. JOSHUA (50): Detached, manipulative, selfish. These traits have also made him highly organized, determined, successful. Has learned to never take no for an answer; something
that has served him well in his career. He usually gets what he wants, because he can convince people to give it to him. He considers himself ‘above average’. He is not good at handling disappointment.

5. MARYLIN(49):Pragmatic, boisterous, superficial. Lacey’s best friend of over thirty years. She is not as well educated or nearly as clever, but her common sense and ‘nuts and bolts’ way of thinking is something Lacey sorely lacks.

6. DARREN(51):Loud, blunt, obstreperous. Lacey’s ex-husband, now her handyman and close confidant. Fancies himself a pragmatic and detached thinker, but in reality is far too emotional. He cares deeply for Lacey, but thinks she’s hopeless when it comes to men.

7. THERAPIST(41): Warm, soft spoken, clinical. Has genuine care for her clients, but is ever infuriated by their lack of willingness to take her advice. Has a highly curated bed-side manner. Professional and appropriate to a fault.

8. STEPH(23):Stoic, dry, sarcastic. Lacey’s daughter couldn’t be any less like her mother. A life long tomboy, she learned early on not to put much stock in the opinions of men. She has trouble understanding how her mom has yet to learn this lesson. Despite the two’s many differences, the two get along very well.

9. WAITRESS(20): Cute, upbeat, and personable.

10. EASY (39):Loose, low self esteem, working class. Aged beyond her years, the evidence of a difficult life is carved into her face. Believes a relationship with a man will provide her life some structure of purpose.

T.M.IShort Film Casting Call
Chloe B. Goolsby: Writer/ Director

Payment: Other

City or Location of call: Rochester, NY
Please submit to: by 2021-10-06
Please submit any material you may have (headshots, resume, reel, etc.). Do not feel discouraged if you do not have these materials. Simply reply with the role(s) you are interested in, and we will reach out to you to set up an in person or virtual audition.

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