Cast and Crew Casting Call in Montevallo, Alabama

Kandee’s Closet

Location: Montevallo, Alabama

Type: Other Projects

I am an upcoming, and aspiring writer, producer, and director here in the small city of Montevallo, Alabama and I am trying to bring the arts to the city. I write productions based on self-love, self-awareness, morality, self-appreciation, and just overall situations that are happening and should be brought to the surface to of course, help anyone who may be dealing with these things and just do not know how to communicate about them. My productions are written from the heart with less fortunate in mind and I am trying to advocate embracement of reality. No matter what background you come from, no matter what race you are, what size you are, what color you are we all have things in life we are ashamed of and we all have flaws. I simply would like for us as humans who make mistakes to learn to appreciate the position in which God has us and embrace our realities.

No, this gig is not paid because my company is new and has had a struggling time getting off the ground but with God, we are limitless. I am looking to build my team from the ground up and if you are okay with this send an email and if not, I greatly appreciate you considering thus far.

If this interests you please email ( and include your Full Name, Cellphone, Valid Email and Location. In the Subject line, please include the character in which you are interested in and I prefer people to be close to the 35115-zip code but if you are willing to travel, I am fine with that as well. Once we the 37P team has received your submission, you will receive a confirmation email with your audition date and time via ZOOM.

PSA: I have a preferred look or certain complexion by each character and their description and that is only due to imagination. I accept diversity and all races and will not discriminate against anyone for any reason. The person(s) casted for each character will be casted according to their similarities and ability to embody the character in which they are auditioning. The judgment will be based on the likelihood of the auditionee resembling the character in its entirety (attitude, character traits, personality, abilities etc.)

Kandee’s Closet is a story about a family who lives life on a pedestal and loves the finer things in life. A successful lawyer whom started and built his own law firm, a successful news reporter and nurse, devoting and loving wife and two excellent and graceful young daughters will go on a journey to truth and exposition. All the Porter girls want to do is life life — honestly but will their parents stand in the way of truth or will the skeletons in their family’s closet overshadow everything they have built.
Who keeps a rape secret from their spouse for 9 years or who hides their biologics from their loved one? All I know is, there are things in Kandee’s Closet that are bound to fall out.


Character List: CAST

Johnny Porter- Conceited, handsome, cocky, successful, acts entitled, and he is a lady’s man.
-(Ages 30-40) 5’11 & TALLER accepted / Any skin tone is accepted, all welcomed. (Has a lot of lines)

Kenyan Carter- (Kandee’s Boyfriend) Humble, handsome, athlete, respectful, well-raised, soft spoken and appreciative.
-(Ages 21-25) accepted / Any skin tone accepted, all welcomed

Kamari Carter- Tough, a role model, loves his little brother. Nice smile, handsome, nice, respectful and understanding. Supportive brother and son.
-(Ages 24-30) accepted / Any skin tone accepted, all welcomed.

Eric Carter- Quiet, relaxed and calm. Supportive husband and father.
-(Ages 35-45) accepted / Brown skin tone preferred, all welcomed.

Dr. Maria Lewis- Graceful, understanding, broken, searching for love, she just wants to find her missing pieces. She is feisty and spicey, but she is also nice and sweet. Her personality changes when she feels attacked or judged.
-(Ages 30-37) accepted / Dark skinned preferred, all welcomed.

Marlee Wilson- Disgusting, nasty, sick-minded, disrespectful. His character must embody the aspect of a bad human being who she be put in jail and his behavior does not matter to him. He feels entitled and as if he has done nothing wrong, “lost”.
(Ages 35-45) accepted / All welcomed.

Character List: CREW
Narrator- Person who reads the intro and conclusion and possibly other things.
Music Controller- Person who starts and stop music and instruction, instructs.
Spotlight Controller- Person who controls lighting and turns them on and off when necessary.
Set Changer 1- Person that help with set change.
Set Changer 2- Person that help with set change.
Set Changer 3- Person that help with set change.
Set Changer 4- Person that help with set change.
Outfit Change Helper 1- Person that help cast with their clothes changing from scene to scene.
Outfit Change Helper 2- Person that help cast with their clothes changing from scene to scene.
Outfit Change Helper 3- Person that help cast with their clothes changing from scene to scene.
Timekeeper 1- The CEO’s personal time manager.
Timekeeper 2- The Cast personal time manager.
Timekeeper 3- The Crew personal time manager.
Timekeeper 4- The Crew second personal time manager.

If you feel like you would like to audition for any of these characters or crew members, please send an email including:

Full Name
Contact Number
Contact Email
What makes you relatable to the character you are auditioning for?

In the Subject line, please include your name and the character / crew member you’re auditioning for.

Payment: Non Paid

City or Location of call: Montevallo, Alabama
Please submit to: by 2021-04-03
In the Subject line please include CAST/CREW position and in the Body of the email please include Full Name, Contact Number, Email Address & Location

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