Casting Lead Roles for Movie Filming in NY / NJ Area


REDACTED- Feature Film

Location: New York City and New Jersey

Type: Film

REDACTED is a spiritual Shakespearean tragedy of an ensemble of misfits that personify the 7 deadly sins. This film explores the relationships that develop between characters and reveals the deep temptations and desires of what embodies mankind.

In summary the film “REDACTED” is based off an album created by the director and writer of this film, Sacrifice in Cultra. The style of the album correlates more with an experience rather than your typical top 40 on the radio. Each song in the album will play in its entirety throughout the whole film, furthering dialogue and action. As every action has a reaction, Redacted lifts the veil of illusion. Where do we go when we …. live?

There are 4 main LEAD ROLES but we are currently looking for the last 2 leads.

RINGLEADER: All Genders, 18-25; Ethnicity: All Ethnicities
a charismatic leader and Jesus-like figure; they challenge the “norm” and fights for their beliefs, at great personal sacrifice; they defy expectations.
Required Media: Headshot/Photo/Video Reel

JUDAS: All Genders, 18-25; Ethnicity: All Ethnicities
a professional clown. In love with Mary and always pays attention to her and takes care of her; struggles with confidence and cowardice; the day they stand up for themselves is the day they stops holding themselves back.
Required Media: Headshot/Photo/Video Reel

Payment: Paid

City or Location of call: New York City and New Jersey
Please submit to:
Please submit to any self-tape auditions you may have already have that can give us a better idea of your acting style. Also Submit most recent headshot and reels. Optional: include a 1 minute long video introducing yourself. In your email please also note your availability for the month of May and early June.

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