Rush Call for Arlington Texas Actors on Student Film


The Needs Or The Wants

Location: Arlington, TX

Type: Student Films

Good afternoon, everyone. I’m going to need huge help here for a short film. Here is the casting call, assuming if I am supposed to post one here. I am mainly looking for acting talent.

Casting Call for:
Unknown Title as of now
Genre: Short drama film
PLOT: A nerdy girl struggles with the importance of her school needs when a budgerigar parakeet stops her from leaving a bookstore.
A student short film that runs for at least eight minutes

Barbara is the main protagonist/antagonist of the story. She is a student at a university who is studying to become a writer, but she is also a compulsive buyer. She compulsively buys Star Trek stuff to build on her collection and catch up with the lore. She is impulsive and not too devoted, yet open-minded. Caucasian person. Age 22-24.
Sarah is Barbara’s English Analysis teacher and one of the main instructors at the university. She is passionate, observant, and open-minded. She owns a budgerigar parakeet (yellow and green) with gratified body language and has high intelligence. Black person. Age 35-45.
Carl is an employee at Half-Price Books and a former university student. Age 28. Caucasian. Carl is calm, honest, and arrogant.

Director: Sean Butler
Writer: Sean Butler
Assistant Director: tbd
Music: Sean Butler
Cinematographer: tbd

Shooting dates: Wednesday-Saturday (will be updated)

Audition Dates:
Monday (11:30am-2:00pm)

Audition location:
Room 156 (I believe?)

Video auditions are perfectly fine with me if you wish to do that. Contact me through Microsoft Teams if you want to audition.

Shooting locations:
One of the classrooms at UTA (not exactly sure which one as of now)
Half Price Books (Arlington, TX)

UTA Cinematic Arts
If you have any concerns, please leave a comment

Payment: Non Paid

City or Location of call: Arlington, TX
Please submit to: by 2021-04-26
Acting resume

This casting notice was posted by: Sean Butler

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