Casting New Dating Show, Love In The Stars


Love in the Stars now casting.

Are you ready to find your soul mate?

Have you been simply ignoring your romantic destiny?

Does your horoscope tell you that this will be the time that you will find your love?

Could you make the biggest decision of your life based on astrology?


For the first time ever, a cosmically driver social experiment will help you determine if your romantic destiny is written in the stars.  Put all those worries aside and join other singles in some glamorous, sun filled, destinations where you will be able to follow the stars and allow them to guide you.


New dating show called Love in the Stars – It involves singles being matched through astrology. It will film in late- September until mid-November.

There is compensation, happy to discuss further on a call.

Interested in being considered? Email me at with you contact details, social media links, and the best time to reach you by phone.



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