Extras Casting Call in Atlanta for Dwayne Johnson Movie “Red Notice”

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The movie “Red Notice” is filming in the Atlanta area and now casting extras.

Red Notice” has a star studded cast which includes Ryan Reynolds, Gal Gadot and Dwayne Johnson. Dwayne Johnson has multiple movies in various stages of production scheduled for 2020 / 2020 which include Big Trouble in Little China, San Andreas 2, The King, and Black Adam.

According to a story about the movie in Deadline, “Red Notice” was snagged by Netflix and the deal is described as the company’s biggest commitment to a feature film to date. Also, according to the Deadline story, “Red Notice” is described as “a globetrotting action heist thriller.” The movie was previously with Universal Pictures and was acquired by Netflix this past summer.  Deadline reports that “Red Notice” is being produced by Beau Flynn (FlynnPictureCo.), Dwayne Johnson, Dany and Hiram Garcia through their Seven Bucks Production company and Thurber.

It seems that production was expected to start sometime in 2020, but the schedule may have been pushed up a bit as the movie is currently filming in the ATL.

According to the movie’s IMDB page, “Red Notice” will be released in November of 2020.


There is some redirection and RATE INCREASE for the DAD and MOM for this previous post (and the work dates are sliding around)

This is the Netflix feature film starring Dwayne Johnson, Gal Gadot and Ryan Reynolds
Seeking the following types, for a featured still photo of one of our lead actors and his Mom and Dad when he was young!
Higher pay rates!
Ages 30 to 45
EUROPEAN, HANDSOME GQ type…looks stern, clean shaven, strong jaw…etc…
Ages 30 to 40
Brown hair is ideal, but all hair colors welcome…they just want some one with some layers, not just straight hair…

Filming Date: this TUES 6/29, WED 6/30 or THURS 7/1 – it’s likely TUES but could move..must be open!
Covid test dates: TUES 6/29 or WED 6/30

Please submit ASAP tonight to:
Include :
CURRENT PHOTOS (including a selfie as well as head shots and a full length photo.
NON-SMILING is preferred, but send smiling as an option.

You MUST be local to the greater Atlanta area, or willing to work as a local hire.

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  1. Syssi Anne

    I drive 5 hours from my location. Work as a local. I enjoy doing it. To assume that is really sad. Some of us are willing and have and will continue to. Plus some of us fit the part a lot better. For instance.. Why hire someone for a bikers ol’ lady who has no experience when I have been apart of that world for multiple years. But I also understand the short notice part. But we should be given the opportunity.

  2. Martell Barker

    I’m a local Atlanta Man who would love to do this!

  3. J.

    This Casting Agency is pretty much unresponsive”. They ask you to disclose if you are not local and invite you to apply and they use same info to disregard you. I can work as Atlanta local and applied in projects of this Agency all last year thru now and they never call, same happened with projects in PA, Gettysburg area.

    1. erica

      These are extras casting calls and as such, they are looking for locals because they pay min wage. Extras are not hired from too far away due to various reasons. A major reason is that you can’t depend on people coming from far away to make a short notice call time. It is physically impossible to get someone who lives 4 hours away to get to the set with an hour notice. Also, the further they are, the more risk there is that they will flake out because nobody wants to spend $150 on gas, drive 6 hours, just to make $80 bucks as an extra.

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