Casting People Who Want To Take a Trip Into Space, Nationwide


Do you want to be an astronaut?

Apply now for a chance to go to space at

Have you always dreamed of being an astronaut? Are you ready to take on the adventure of a lifetime… and ready to blast off?

Would you give anything to travel into outer space, yet have never actually thought that you would ever get the opportunity to do so.  A show is now casting people that would love the opportunity to compete for a seat on a flight to the international space station.

So, do you want to be an astronaut?

If so, check out the casting notice below for details on how to get on the show and maybe even get yourself into outer space.


Are you ready for the adventure of a lifetime???
Are you a teacher, frontline worker, firefighter, or stay-at-home mom? Maybe, you’re just an adventure seeker looking for a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. We’re looking for regular, everyday people to take part in a one-of-a-kind competition series that offers the chance to travel into space and live aboard the International Space Station.??

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