Casting Speaking Roles in Los Angeles for Independent Film “Spin”



Location: Los Angeles

Type: Student Films



A young girl, Katya, who believes that time is endless, fails to reach her dream of spinning like a real ballerina.


In a world where time has taken the physical form of sand, hourglasses have become a representation of a person’s life.
Katya is a young girl who desires nothing more than the stage. She wants to spin. Spin like a real ballerina. Like the ones you see on TV.
But as she grows, her dream becomes corrupted by addiction, euphoric love and societal norms. While her mother, Zoya, is ready to sacrifice all the sand she has to give to her daughter, the forgotten dream of a successful ballerina remains untouched.
When Katya witnesses the last sandcorn dropping down Zoya’s hourglass, she finally realizes that by wasting her sand, she has lost both her mother and her childhood dream.


Little Katya is pure and innocent. She is full of love and warmth towards the world. Her heart beats faster when she imagines herself on a stage, dancing and spinning like a professional ballerina.

Teenage Katya has lost rays of sunshine that used to fill her presence. She is now part of the world, part of a bigger society, rather than a unique little dreamer with eyes full of curiosity. Her heart no longer beats as fast as when she thought of ballet before. Not because she stopped loving dancing, but because she made herself fit in. Fit in the society where people have lost hope and gave up on their dreams. Because they have gotten too caught up in the distractions that they met on the way to success.

Adult Katya has completely lost that child in her. She has completely become a part of the “grey mass”. Business suits that speak no character, represent no interest or willingness to desire anything bigger than stability. This is the time where no more appreciation or love is shown to either her mother or her dream, because she sees them as a reminder of her wasted years.

Once, Zoya also had a dream of becoming a ballerina and dancing on stage. But because she became pregnant with Katya, she let that dream go. Instead, she started teaching ballet. When she hears that Katya dreams of becoming a professional ballerina, she wishes that her daughter would fulfill the dream for her, and gives Katya the pendant that was once gifted to her from her ballet teacher. She tries to push Katya, by giving her additional lessons at home, besides the ones she already takes at a dance academy. But at the same time, she is very soft to her, she does not want to push her once failed dream onto Katya and make it a burden. She hopes that her daughter will put in the effort and time herself, to make the dream come into reality. That way, Zoya will feel like she was an inspiration rather than a force.

OLDER ZOYA (60-80)
Zoya has become very old and silent. Zoya’s loneliness has forced her to start talking to herself – to at least have someone’s voice break the everyday dead silence. She is a very loving mother, who wishes for her daughter’s company. Her kind heart is willing to sacrifice everything for her daughter’s dreams, but her daughter does not see and appreciate all the things Zoya does for her. Which leads to Zoya eventually celebrating her last birthday on her own.

Payment: Non Paid

City or Location of call: Los Angeles
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Please provide a headshot, video reel and reason of interest. No Ballet experience required.

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