Actors in Dallas Texas for Short Movie Project, “Robbery”



Location: Dallas TX

Type: Film

Project: Short Film “Robbery”

Plot Concept: A man who finds himself in a stage of life where everything seems hopeless for him; financially, emotionally, and mentally. To get out of it, he decides to go to the extreme.

Filming production: All locations local Dallas.

Target date for shoot is mid-late April.


King: African-American male, middle age (mid 30s- mid 40s)A good hearted individual who is suffering from depression and mental weakness as a result of the financial situation that he is in. Works a low wage job, and is out of options to try and provide for himself, and his child. Situation becomes so desperate that he becomes serious in robbing a bank by himself.

Kayla: female, any ethnicity, 30’s – 40s’. The mother of King’s child. Hard working single mother who does not have a good impression of King

Child: any ethnicity ages 5-12. Predominantly African-American

Mom: African-American woman in 50’s-60s. Disgruntled mother who is not fond of the fact that his son had to move back in with her and he cannot provide for her. She has no intentions of helping out her son other than to let him sleeping her couch, but she is charging him for rent.

Submissions end April 4th 2021

Payment: Non Paid

City or Location of call: Dallas TX
Please submit to:
headshot & demo reel

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