Lead Actors in Dallas for Short Film Based on Video Game

Dead by Daylight: The Trial

Location: Dallas

Type: Film

This is a horror short film based off the hit video game Dead by Daylight.

The characters are based off existing characters so please look up pictures of them. Just search Dead by Daylight and the characters name.

LEAD, CLAUDETTE- Black, Female, 20 years old, short dreads, Studious Botanist, Cares about other people. Needs to be able to show empathy.

LEAD, JAKE- Asian, Male, 22 years old, Solitary survivalist, Clean shaven, Cares more about survival than saving everyone. Able to stay calm in times of danger.

SUPPORTING(Still has an important scene at beginning of film) DWIGHT- White, Male, 24 years old, clean shaven, Nervous. Blind without his glasses. Always hiding. Was made fun of as a kid. No dialogue so whoever plays him really needs to be able to convey emotion.

Payment: Paid

City or Location of call: Dallas
Please submit to: clinemjared@gmail.com by 2021-06-26
Headshot, and acting reel if you have one.

This casting notice was posted by: Jared Cline

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