Student Film Auditions in Calgary, Alberta, Canada

By | June 15, 2021

Odd Job

Location: Calgary, Alberta, Canada

Type: Student Films

SCOTT: Lead Protagonist
•Late 20s- Early 30s, Male
•Medium Height, thin build, short hair, stubbly beard
•Stunts: Running, Fight Scenes
Scott is a man who has coasted through life and is beginning to realize his mistakes. He plays off conflict with humour, but it is usually ineffective for him. He is shameless, and immature but hyper focused on his goals (and not above using manipulation to get what he wants).

MADDIE: Scott’s Ex- Girlfriend
•Late 20s- Early 30s, Female
•Has the ability to have “alt” style, glasses
Maddie is a sarcastic, independent woman with a caustic sense of humour. Her independence has allowed her to move on from Scott and have a new relationship. She has a somewhat quirky interest in UFOs and aliens.

MALCOLM: Government Agent
•Late 30s- Early 50s, Male
•Short, heavier build, receding hairline, glasses
Malcolm is a government agent who hires Scott under false pretences. He is nerdy, cowardly and anxious, but has taken it upon himself to get the weapon out of the government’s hands.

AGENT 1: Lead Agent
•30s-40s, Male
•Tall, medium build, slick hair
•Stunts: Running, Fight Scenes
The chief agent who commands the operation. As the day commences he becomes more and more obsessed with stopping Scott at all costs.

•20s-30s, Any Gender
•Stunts: Running
The other two agents hunting down Scott. Dressed in black suits, following Agent 1’s orders.

LAYTON: Maddie’s New Boyfriend
•Late 20s- Early 30s, Male
•Tall, muscular build
•Stunts: Fight Scenes
A macho man who is sick of Scott harassing Maddie.

Storyline: Scott is a twenty-something loser living from odd job to odd job, trying to make a decent living. His immaturity and lack of motivation has left him in a tough spot after an acrimonious breakup with his ex-girlfriend Maddie that he still has not moved on from. When a strange man named Malcolm offers him $700 to steal a plush dog toy from an empty home, he thinks it will be the easiest gig of his life. Unbeknownst to him, however, the plush dog is actually a secret government weapon with bizarre (and dangerous) powers. A trio of G-men hunt Scott across town, determined to retrieve the mysterious plush toy, leading Scott to ask Maddie for help. As Scott’s day continues to get more dangerous by the minute, he begins to reflect on his personal failings and uses the unusual situation to try and make something of himself… or die trying

Payment: Non Paid

City or Location of call: Calgary, Alberta, Canada
Please submit to:
Please include headshot and resume

This casting notice was posted by: Julianna Withey, SAIT

One thought on “Student Film Auditions in Calgary, Alberta, Canada

  1. Igor

    Good evening my name is Igor, I speak English quite fluently I would say, and few other languages as well as you may have guessed, and I am pretty sure that I fill every single hole for the lead character (Scoot) except that I have a full beard and a medium size hair but that can be fixed easily. I am 21 years old, I run every day and I am capable of fighting since I trained few martial arts before, so that won’t be a problem. I also somewhat relate to the main character, I think. I haven’t read anything except description, my facial expressions also make many people laugh so I might make it even more funnier that it should be, but of course you guys tell me what to do and I will do it, I might improvise some things, it depends on the weather.
    Anyway, I hope I am posting this on the right place, and if you guys need me just send me an email.


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