Open Casting Call in Decatur, Georgia for Feature Length Movie – Lead Roles and Extras


‘Forgiven’ Feature Film

Location: Georgia

Type: Film

OPEN CASTING CALL – AUGUST 21 & 22 @ 3PM – 7PM. 5311 Dividend Dr. Decatur, GA 30035

TaylorMade Visions is back with another production! Come bring your talent to the big screen for this twisted drama feature, ‘Forgiven’. We are casting lead roles to extras. Production to begin September 2021.

‘Forgiven’ is a story about Maya Dunn, a thirty-three years old widow and mother of three who experiences tragedy and loss that builds anger and hate within her. Two years after losing her husband Aaron Dunn while on service duty, another tragedy would hit once again with the loss of her twelve years old son Malik, from a car accident. Thou Malik’s death was an accident; Maya builds an unforgiving heart towards Marcus, the man responsible for her son’s death. With the support and help from Maya’s sister Dinah, she finds strength to get through her grieving yet her hatred and blame remains for Marcus.
Living in a small town, Maya finds herself running into Marcus randomly and every time she lashes out at with anger for him not being incarcerated for killing her son. Months later Maya surprisingly runs into Marcus at congregation service she attends regularly; Marcus is invited by his friend Myron. Pastor Green’s speaking on ‘forgiveness’ softness Maya’s heart and gives her a new start with Marcus on her path of forgiveness.
As time passes Maya and Marcus’s run-ins with each other becomes less abrasive as Marcus begins to notice the beauty in Maya outside of her normal lash routine with him in the past. Acceptance of a coffee date begins Maya and Marcus’s venture on getting to know each other. Maya is hesitant with the circumstances but comes to a point where she is drawn to Marcus.

Stuck with the dilemma of falling for the man responsible for the death of her son while falling in love for the first time after her husband’s death, Maya is only left with two choices…to forgive and forget or not to forgive and revenge.


Maya Dunn – Late thirties, African female, 5’6 – 5’8, wife and mother
Marcus Wright – Late thirties, African male, 5’8 – 6’3, low hair cut
Malik – Eleven years of age, African male, Maya’s son
Savannah – Ten years of age, African female, Maya’s daughter
Aaron Jr – Twelve years of age, African male, Maya’s son
Aaron Sr – Late thirties, African male, 5’8 – 6’3, Maya’s husband
Dinah – Mid thirties, African female, 5’6 – 5’8, Maya’s sister, nurse
Military Officials
Military Extras
Birthday Children Extras
Sister Jean
Brother Errol
Elder Green
Dr Murphy
Misses Green
Congregation Extras
Inmate Extras
Paramedics (2)
Police Officers (2)
Misses Warren
Nurse Extras
Dr. Henderson
Nurse #2
Doctor #2
Crime Investigators
Funeral Extras
Grocery Store Extras
Coffee Shop Waitress
Ice Cream Vendor
Sundial Host
Waiter Jovon
Hotel Front Desk Clerk
Doctor Wallace
Nurses Assistant
Hospital Housekeeper
Wedding Extras

Payment: Paid

City or Location of call: Georgia
Please submit to: by 2021-08-22
Photo, resume, and contact information

This casting notice was posted by: TaylorMade Visions LLC

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