Singers For It’s a Small World for Fan Rendition

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It’s a Small World in English, Dutch, Hindi, Chinese, Swahili, & Hawaiian.

Location: nationwide

Type: Singers

Hello, my name is Braden Lucier,

I am working on a recreational project called It’s A Small World, and I would like to start auditioning children from every nation of the world to start singing and record It’s a Small World After All, starting English chorus or singers from North America like Canada & United States of America, other chorus and singers include Dutch from Netherlands, Hindi from India, Chinese Mandarin from China. Swahili from Kenya, and Hawaiian from Hawaii.

If anyone knows or heard the It’s a Small World After All song in these foreign languages, I will let you know if the voices sounds good or not.

And Remember, This is Not for payment, This is for fun and to Credit this Name & The Walt Disney Company.

Good luck Auditioning, and Thank You.

Payment: Non Paid

City or Location of call: nationwide
Please submit to: by 1995-01-20
audio reel, video reel, headshot photo.

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    I really want to be in movies.

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