Web Series Acting Auditions in Dallas


A Milli Series

Location: Dallas, Texas

Type: Web series

19 open roles [lead/supporting]
A millennial web-series highlighting the undiscussed topics of the Black community.
NONPAID at this time

Email Headshot, resume, reel/self tape
Subject line: “Role name”

1. Jessica [Lead, Black. Mid-Late 20’s] Strong woman who will remain active through the process of shooting. Should be ok with jumps, leaps. Emotional role.
2. David [Lead, Black, Mid-Late 20’s] A man who strives to get ahead and be heard. Boyfriend to Jessica. Emotional Scenes.
3. Russ [Bad guy, supporting role, any ethnicity, 24-60 yr old] Works for Big T. He is tough and encourages conflict. Trouble maker.
4. Robin [Lead, Black, Mid-Late 20’s, Tall] Best friend to London, Jessica & Frankie. She is the funniest of the bunch, a joy to be around. Trying to stay afloat mentally.
5. Lee [Bad guy, supporting role, any ethnicity, 26-40 yrs old] Works for Big T, performs bad acts
6. London [Lead, Natural Beauty, Black, Seductive] Best friend to Jessica, Frankie & Robin. Every man wants to be with her and she is a supportive friend. Therapist (career)
7. Savion [Lead, Tall, Black/Any Ethnicity, Singer] Has to be able to sing live with original music. Loves him some London, well known artist.
8. Big T [Lead, Older gentleman, Bad guy, Businessman] Runs an operation that causes distress.Role requires experience and should be able to portray leadership qualities
9. Lucky [supporting role, LGBTQ] Friend of Frankie, very outspoken and free spirit.
10. Reggie [supporting, black, bad guy, 25-30 yrs old] Works for Big T. Older brother to Larry. Trigger happy and bad example.
11. Larry [supporting, black, young, Early 20’s] Young brother to Reggie. Wants to do right, but afraid of big brother.
12. Jax [supporting, Black, Late 20-30’s, bad boy] Brother to David. Brother’s Keeper.
13. Police [3-4, any ethnicity, any age]
14. Boss White [supporting role, 40’s, Caucasian] Boss of lead therapist, London. Tough boss, hard exterior.
15. Mrs. John Franklin [supporting, 40-50’s] Wife to Pastor John Franklin.
16. O.G. [supporting role, Black, Older] Rough around the edges, but known around the neighborhood.
17. Erica [Lead, Tall, fit, likes to workout, Beautiful, Black, Late 20’s] Strong woman who comes into the series later on. She stands for mental health
18. Lisa [supporting role, early 20’s] Does not have a grip on life just yet. Just wants to look cute. Come into the series later on.

Payment: Non Paid

City or Location of call: Dallas, Texas
Please submit to: amilliseries@gmail.com
Headshot, resume, reel/self tape

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  1. Charles Rakestraw

    yes Im highly interested in the role of Jax or a police


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