Zoom Auditions for Speaking Roles in Web Series


“Untitled” New Series in Development

Location: Zoom

Type: TV Pilots

The show is about Quinton and Street Young, siblings who own their own security detail company, hired to protect a whistleblower, from the event unfolding after a light was seen from the sky; seeming to affect our data and communication systems. As the world is made to believe we may be under attack by unidentified life forms, from their own government; the whistleblower is trying to stop the change that is about to unfold, following a new presidency term, under a new Commander In Chief. As they protect WB, they discover a world of people trying to out the very government here to protect us. The mission is to protect the lives of the people before World leaders dominate.

There is no pay.
Actors will be credited.
Meals provided.

Potential pay with growth of show.

Please send reels/headshots when applying! Looking forward to seeing all of you!

Open Characters:

Nina Reyes
Female•30-37 y.o.
Latino / Hispanic
About: Strong, hardworking mother, who had a bad past relationship with a dealer. Moved her and her daughter in with her Father until she remarried. Filled with wisdom and has a strong relationship with her daughter. Isn’t afraid to get her hands dirty to get the job done. Mother of Mya Reyes and Married to Quinton Young. (occupation: hospital nurse)

Mya Reyes
Female•18-21 y.o.
Latino / Hispanic
About: Curious and rambunctious, always asking questions and trying to figure out a solution. Very independent and catches on quickly. Fearless. Daughter of Nina Reyes.

Mr. Tony “Abuelo” Reyes
Male•53-56 y.o.
Latino / Hispanic
About: A man of wisdom. Has been owning the corner store for 30 plus years. Came here from Mexico with his mother as a child, worked from the ground up to be a pillar of the community. Very well respected in the neighborhood. Known as everyone’s grandpa. Father of Nina Reyes. (occupation: owns corner store)

Collin/Colleen (WhistleBlower)
Both genders•21-29 y.o.
African-American, Latino / Hispanic, Asian, Middle Eastern, Native American, Pacific Islander, Indian/South Asian
About: Young genius, top of class, Graduating from Ivy League (can be early). Started working with high military and government clearance. Discovers information that leads to a new world order and gets caught downloading it. Nerdy, but confidant. Too smart for their own good. Says what they think. (female or male)

Lori “BOSS” Lee
Female•30-40 y.o.
Asian, Pacific Islander
About: Works for Q and Street’s security company. She handles EVERYTHING from scheduling, research, communications, and anything else that doesn’t involve her physically protecting a client. Brains of the operation. She may be the assistant, but is definitely a Boss with handling the work. (LGBTQ )

Steven “Lock” Reese
Male•23-25 y.o.
White / Caucasian
About: Is a Police Academy reject. Not for anything other than disorderly conduct with a higher ranked officer. Young, good-looking, fit and is a ladies man. Works for Q and Street as third to their security detail, but has been in training for the past year.
Smart, athletic, and savvy. Specializes in sharp shooting and martial arts.

Payment: Non Paid

City or Location of call: Zoom
Please submit to: productshunfils@gmail.com by 2021-08-01
Actors Reel, Headshot

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