Actor Auditions in Connecticut for Keeler Tavern Museum & History Center in Ridgefield – Ghost Tour

Actor job in Connecticut.

A seasonal show is looking for actors that would like to work evenings at a Historic location in Ridgefield, CT doing their annual Ghost Tour.


The Keeler Tavern Museum & History Center in Ridgefield, CT, is hiring three actors (one female identifying, two male identifying) to perform at our annual Museum Ghost Tours on October 27-30, 2022 (4 nights). Performers will be assigned a short monologue (max 4 minutes) to be performed as a specific historical character who lived in Ridgefield. Performers will be required to commit to two rehearsals prior to October 27, and four evenings between 10/27-10/30, from 4 – 8pm.

The Keeler Tavern is an 18th-century historical building at 132 Main Street in the center of Ridgefield, Connecticut, United States. The property served as summer home to architect Cass Gilbert, who purchased it in 1907 and designed additions to the building as well as a garden.

Tour logistics are as follows: Tours are 60 mins. Tours are guided and start every 10 mins with a max of 10 people per tour. First tour starts at 5pm. Last tour starts at 7pm and ends at 8pm. There are 10 stops (ghosts) on the tour. There are twelve tours each night. Performers will be doing the same script for each tour (12 times per night). Performers are expected to show up at 4pm for makeup & costumes.

Oct 23, 2022 – Oct 30, 2022

Pay: 300-340

Pay for rehearsals is hourly set at $18.75. Performers are offered a flat fee of $75 per night (total of $300 for four nights).

Please email resume, headshot, and video of a brief monologue to

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