Theater Auditions in NYC for “Portraits and Chandeliers”

By | August 31, 2022


Crow Johnson, a fashion designer with psychopathic tendencies, paints portraits as a side hustle. He and his quirky assistant — flamboyantly gay Jasper — work out of home of Crow’s mother, Mrs. Johnson. Claire, a breathtaking beauty from the housing projects moves into their home out of necessity. A visit to Auntie’s Antique Boutique gives Claire the vision to solve the mystery of the elderly Mrs. Johnson’s disappearance amongst other strange happenings when an owl puppet becomes enchanted and a crystal chandelier shines its light.

The show premieres at THE AMERICAN THEATRE of ACTORS, 314 W 54th St, NYC 10019. Showtime(s): October 21, 22, and 23, 2022.

Roles available:

CLAIRE ELIZABETH FAUNTLEROY – (early 30s); a writer and aspiring puppeteer; the beautiful heroine and Crow’s muse. [Crow is Claire’s ‘friend’ who is a psychotic fashion designer (Crow’s part is cast)].

JASPER COSTNER – an older gay man (mid-40s) who walks with a cane (sometimes); eccentric; Crow’s seamstress; the comic relief, of sorts.

AUNT JEWEL – is a spirit who owns ‘Auntie Antique and ‘ on New York City’s Lower East Side. She is Claire’s elderly friend/grandmother figure (late 70s), who represents as a partially blind priestess; a psychic who dresses in brightly patterned outfits; headwraps; and an abundance of jewelry. Southern, Caribbean, or Latino accent. Aunt Jewel assists Claire with uncovering secret information on Crow through her dark crystal.

Contact: Yahuda Carter, 917-500-1635 for ‘sides’ and audition dates.


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