Actor Auditions in Memphis, TN for Movie “Tangled in a Lover’s Web”

By | September 26, 2022

Tangled in a Lover’s Web: The Movie

Location: Memphis, TN

Type: Film


AUDITION DATE: SAT. OCT. 15, 2022 (10 AM – 2 PM)


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Shoots in Memphis, TN: December (2022) 3, 4, 10, 11, 17, 18 and January (2023) 7, 8, 14, 15, 21, 22, 28, 29 in (We are filming on weekends to accommodate work schedules. Will not need every actor for every date of filming. If chosen for a role, you will be able to access Ink² Films Filming Calendar for details in advance.)

Executive Producer’s Statement: Tangled in a Lover’s Web is our Amazon best-selling 5-book series, and we are independently making a film out of the first book: Tangled in a Lover’s Web. The film is an urban love story about an interracial marriage gone rogue. Our plan is to film our story (In Memphis, TN) and upload it to various streaming networks (Amazon Prime, Tubi, etc.). We also plan to shop the final project to agents to garner attention from larger production studios in hopes of making a series out of the other 4 books. We are indie film producers, and this is a NOT PAID and NONUNION GIG. Any actor that auditions should be mindful that this is an opportunity to hone their acting skills, and should our movie turn into a TV series, he or she will have an opportunity to audition for the major production. However, we cannot guarantee a role in any future productions at this time.


1. LUTHER “DRE” WALKER: AGE 20-30. He is a slender-built, rich, businessman who is approx. 5/10 in height. He is not flashy, but he does like designer clothes. Luther is a self-made man who has very meager beginnings in the Hyde Park, North Memphis area of Memphis, TN. He is in an interracial marriage with Victoria Walker-Stewart who is white, and from an affluent family. This character uses profanity often and tries his best to distance himself from his financially meager past but cannot seem to run from it. Luther has hazel eyes, but that detail is an easy fix. *Be mindful that this character MUST be comfortable removing his shirt and interacting with his onscreen wife. She will be in lingerie in two scenes.

2. TRAVIS “TRAP” STEWART: AGE 18-35. Is approx. 6 ft. in height, with a medium build. He is the older brother to Luther “Dre'” Stewart and is a felon. This character will have two roles because he will also play another character, B’Shone (Published author). It needs to be noted that he removes his shirt in two scenes and uses profanity often. Travis is nonchalant but has a tendency to be lewd, aggressive, and violent (He will use a prop gun.) He also has a soft spot for his family and people he loves, so he is versatile with his emotions.

3. VICTORIA WALKER-STEWART: AGE 18-30. Is very fair-skinned because although she grew up white, it will be revealed later in the series that she is black, so we will handle this detail with care. She is approx. 5/5 in height and is physically fit. Victoria is the owner of a book publishing company, so she is educated, intelligent, and classy. She also likes modest, but expensive clothing. She is married to Luther “Dre” Stewart, and her marriage is “on the rocks”. Victoria has a snappy attitude but is extremely naïve, so she finds herself in some sticky situations. This character has two scenes where she will wear tasteful lingerie (Lace negligee), and one scene where she will wear a wedding gown.

4. MALAYSIA GARRISON-TONG: AGE 18-35. Is approx. 5/5 in height, and she has a voluptuous frame (Think… Beyonce or Jessica Rabbit), but this description can be modified to fit an actress with extraordinary talent (Fitted clothing or jeans would be appropriate for this character). She has a calm demeanor with an urban twist because she grew up in a single-parent home, and she was consumed by street life in her youth. Malaysia is classy but no no-nonsense and streetwise. By the way, she has gray eyes, but this detail is an easy fix. She is married to an older man.

5. LACY BLAKE: AGE 18-35. Is approx. 5/8 in height, and she has a slender frame (She used to be a Vegas Showgirl). It must be noted that Lacy is a beautiful chocolate shade of melanin. This is important because her character starts as a supporting character, but her role expands exponentially in the series. Her skin color is important to her character development. Lacy was raised by affluent white people, and she never had black friends until she was 16 years of age. She is Victoria Walker-Stewart’s meddling best friend. She is not urban however, she tries to be, and she can be very emotional. By the way, she is scantily clad in one of the scenes (Crop top, Daisy Duke shorts, club wear, etc.).

6. TRESHA “TT” TUCKER: AGE 18-35. Is Lacy’s best friend. She is approx. 5/6 in height and there is no size expectation for her. She is intelligently streetwise and fiercely protective of Lacy. She is no-nonsense and can be aggressive. By the way, she is scantily clad in one of the scenes (Crop top, Daisy Duke shorts, etc.).

7. EARL “BOSS” WALKER: AGE 35-65. Is an old man who is stuck in the time before the Civil Rights Movement. He is approx. 6ft. in height and his size does not matter. He is as racist as racist can be, and he is unapologetic about it. “Boss” Walker uses racial slurs (We have modified the script and minimized the use of these slurs) often. Victoria Walker-Stewart is his granddaughter.

8. THOMAS: AGE 40-60. Is “Boss” Walker’s right-hand man. His height and size do not matter. He is an unapologetic racist, and often uses racial slurs (We have modified the script to minimize the use of these slurs). He is aggressive and violent.

9. SHERRY “SHORT STACK”: AGE 18-35. Is approx. 5/3 in height, and her size does not matter. She is no nonsense and only cares about making money. She brings comic relief.

Payment: Non Paid

City or Location of call: Memphis, TN
Please submit to:
Bring headshot and full body shot to auditions.

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