Actor Auditions in West Palm Beach “The Come Up”

The Come UP

Location: West Palm Beach

Audition / Call Type: Films

The Come Up
Synopsis: How Far Does Loyalty Go When Your Life Is On The Line? Life as a stripper is already hard for young Anastacia. But life becomes even harder when loyalty is lost and your life is on the line all for the come up.

Anastacia: Exotic dancer. A boss. Day time hair stylist and night time hustler.

Staci: Anastacia girlfriend. Street pharmacist. A hot head. Player.

Leo: Drug lord. Shark. Manipulator. Charming. Very meticulous.

Toni Goodz: Low life pimp. Cheap and broke. Fast talker. Club owner of Sugar Daddies.

Breonna: Staci’s right hand / best friend.

Black: Club Isis main Bouncer/security guard

Andre: Club Isis bouncer / security guard

Random Guy 1
Dancer 1
Dancer 2 / Raine
Flower Delivery Boy (Derrick)
Dancers / Model
Corner boys
Security guards
Staci’s Friend
Club goers
Bar tenders
Hair Client
Random friend of Staci

Payment: Non-Paid

City or Location of call: West Palm Beach
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