Actors and Extras in Sarasota, FL for Indie Film


The Quest for Florida Man

Location: Sarasota, FL

Type: Film

Seeking four leads and twelve extras for a short film project to be filmed throughout Sarasota, Port Charlotte, Venice and Englewood. To be shot from 20-26 March.

Bennie and Gus are brothers on a mission to discover the truth behind the mysterious Florida man conspiracy. They’re investigation take them on a road trip adventure around south west Florida and they discover things about themselves and this mystery that they never could have predicted in this dark comedy.

Leads –

Bennie Newberry – Male – age 20-40 – Charismatic and charming but also a little off. Believes in conspiracy theory’s and is driven to track one down regarding the elusive Florida Man despite how ridiculous his theory is to his brother Gus.

Gus Newberry – Male – Age 20-40 – Bennie’s brother, always has and will look out for him. Tries to convince Bennie that his idea is ridiculous. When Bennie makes his determination known, and won’t back down from his idea, Gus agrees to go with him on his wild goose chase.

Charles Mayberry – Male – Age 40-60 – Local pastor and family friend to Gus and Bennie.

Joseph Devitt – Male – Age 20-40 – Mobile home park resident.

12 Extras – Male – Age 20-60

4 Extras – Female – Age 20-60

All roles are non-paid but will be provided compensation for travel, food and IMDB credit.

Payment: Non Paid

City or Location of call: Sarasota, FL
Please submit to: by 2022-03-11
Headshot, resume, reel

This casting notice was posted by: David J. Murphy, Lonesome Garden Productions, Owner/Filmmaker

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