Actors for Upcoming Film “Ever After” in Montreal, Quebec


Ever After

Location: Montreal, Quebec

Type: Other Projects

Hello! We are beginning to cast for a one-off script workshop for our upcoming film, Ever After. This workshop is NOT casting for the film itself, but for a filmed reading of the script. The reading will be held on Sunday, October 2nd in Mile End. This is a paid opportunity.

We are casting for five leading roles, as well as four additional speaking roles. These roles are without a specific gender, race, or age. We welcome ALL submissions, whether they apply to the specific leading roles or not.

Please send your CV and Headshot, indicating which character you’re interested in reading (if one of the lead characters) to:

For more information on the project, check us out on Instagram at

We’re looking forward to hearing from you!


Lilith Blaine
Woman, Caucasian, 40-55 Years Old
Antagonistic, articulate, and acerbic, Lilith Blaine is a formidable woman. Once a member of the “Literary Brat Pack”, Lilith was arguably the most famous contemporary author in the United States…for a moment. When her son Conor was born, critics took aim at Lilith’s most recent book; destroying her career and blaming her child for her failure. In shame, she returned to her family home with an out-of-control alcohol addiction. Years later she arranged for 7 year-old Conor to audition for a producer, an old friend…and the rest is history. The relationship between Lilith and her son evolves over the years. Now, in Ever After, Lilith has all the money and attention she wants as the subject of a reality TV series, Queen of the Pen, along with a new bestselling novel, Son of Mine…and the upcoming film adaptation.

Raphael Lee
Man, Asian, 25-35 Years Old
Raphael Lee is an empathetic man with the patience of a saint. He is also highly trained in the art of conversation, possessing a near-lethal understanding of sarcasm. He is the only child of a Korean film power couple; Raphael met Conor at a young age, while his father was directing Conor in his first two films. The pair became best of friends and remained so, even as their relationship grew increasingly more complicated. After briefly dancing as a company member of the National Ballet of Canada, Raphael quit to pursue a career in acting full-time. Raphael and Conor eventually marry as Raphael becomes a genuine A-list film star. Though he and Conor live on opposite sides of the country, their relationship is functional and comfortable.

Max Chodun
Man, Caucasian, 25-35 Years Old
Max Chodun is nervous, irritable, paranoid, and brilliant. He grew up in Toronto, child of prep school dean Stanley, and Cheryl the host of a morning show called “Breakfast Television”. On the insistence of his parents he attended the University of Toronto and majored in Economics, which is where Max and Conor met. Margot and Max fell in love at first sight and married quickly. In Ever After, he serves as Margot and Conor’s business partner and manager.

Man, 20-30 Years Old
Gabe, an aspiring stand-up comedian and improv performer, is witty, mostly capable, and works hard to impress Conor. Margot hired Gabe six months prior to Ever After to be Conor’s assistant. His kindness is often mistaken for naivety, which initially concerned Margot. Gabe is easily intimidated, but working closely with Conor is teaching him to have a thicker skin, and to stand up for himself when need be.

Jenny Kingston
Woman, Black, 25-35 Years Old
Jenny Kingston speaks her truth with volume although her confidence lags behind her proven talent. She is a classically trained vocalist and accomplished musician, specializing in jazz. Previously, Conor took control of the record label Jenny was signed to. Eventually their strong personalities clashed and Conor sold Jenny’s album to Warner Music, which won her a Grammy award. When we see her in Ever After her successful career has led her back to working with Conor and Margot, providing the feature song for the upcoming film Son of Mine, and re-signing with the firm.

In addition to the above leading roles, there are 4 additional speaking roles without a specified gender, race, or age. We welcome ALL submissions, whether they apply to the specific leading roles or not.

Payment: Paid

City or Location of call: Montreal, Quebec
Please submit to: by 2022-10-02
Headshot and Resume

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