Actors in the Los Angeles Area for “Genevieve” Student Short Movie



Location: Los Angeles, CA

Type: Student Films

Title: Genevieve

Type: Short Film Drama

Synopsis: Strews O’Kane is a very chatty businessman getting ready for work one morning. While building up the courage to ask his secretary out on a date, he is soon interrupted by a phone call by her to what he assumes is a reminder of him being late for the job. With calm composure, he uses the opportunity right then and there to ask her out on a date after work. However, things take a turn when she reveals to him that their date can’t happen because he’s been dead for five years. Panicked and in denial, Strews runs out of the apartment only for his morning routine to repeat itself. He’s in his own hell loop and he’s never getting out of it.

Date: Shooting is at the end of May; Spring 2022 in an apartment space in Woodland Hills, CA.

This is a non-paid, non union, student film shoot. Very small crew.

Strews is an enthusiastic businessman who loves what he does. Although he knows he’s not the most moral man in the world, he does his best to treat the people he loves right. He’s witty, spunky and overall a joyful presence. A family man.

Genevieve is a professional secretary that takes her work very seriously. She’s kind but feels like she doesn’t deserve good things in life. She cares about Strews but is more-or-less a bit shy and professional about the matter.

Payment: Non Paid

City or Location of call: Los Angeles, CA
Please submit to: by 2022-05-14
Headshot, Resume, Self Tape

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