Atlanta Area Audition for Web Series “The D”


Auditions in Atlanta for “The D” web series episodes.

Casting for ‘the D’ a Black love web-series. This is episode 4 out of 7 total episodes. Web-Series will be posted on social media and is slated to premier January 2023.

Casting for 4 different African-American women age 25-33 years old
Pay $50 per role.
Shooting Friday Sept. 2nd & Friday Sept. 9th in Midtown Atlanta

Character Breakdowns below. If interested please send resumes, headshots (including full body), Social media, etc. to

Deadline is Saturday, August 27th 2022

Storyline: The main character, D, is going through a phase of life where he is dating 3 women at one time and they all find out about each other on the same day.
Fatima-She is a ride or die! No matter what she is by her mans side. Very cool and calm demeanor and a loving spirit. Her relationship with D is very solid and they have a great level of communication.

Fatima are in a situationship and She calls D her man even though they are not official.

Lauren- The epitome of a pretty “good girl” has her stuff together and is a innocent bystander in all of the mess D has created. She genuinely likes D however she maintained her focus on becoming a Nurse and her 4.0 gpa.

Tisha- A very conceited and beautiful girl. Her personality can be very Loud and Crazy when she has any inclination of feeling disrespected. Her and D usually get together at night and She believes D is working throughout the day and has no idea she isn’t the only girl in D’s life. She is in for a rude awakening and decides to get revenge after she finds out D is with another woman.

Keke- She is the sister of Fatima and the friend of Lauren. She has no relations with D. She realizes that her sister and friend are messing with the same girl and feels obligated to tell them both.

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