Auditions in Maryland for Christmas Movie Speaking Roles

Casting Many Roles for a Christmas Comedy Feature Film with a Faith Message.

About the film:
Production Company Name: Sonset Friday Entertainment, LLC
Movie (working) Title: The Perfect Christmas
Movie Genre: Christmas, Comedy, Family, and Faith
Movie Synopsis: This Holiday season a dad seeks to give his family of four the perfect Christmas, but on Christmas Eve things go south and this Dad’s idea of the perfect Christmas turns into a perfect ChristMESS.
Producer/ Director: Anthony Hackett

Filming Location: You must be a “local hire” to Maryland, meaning you must provide your own travel and lodging if you do not live near Maryland. All filming locations will be in Various cities in Maryland.
Pay Rate: $150/ day, (Background Actors are Non-Paid) plus IMDb Credit
Filming Dates: January 1 – January 13 – (Jan 7 and Jan 8 OFF)

Available Roles:
DENISE (Co-star): female, Black, 30’s – 40 y/o, a wife and mom who loves her family.
DEVIN (Co-star): male, Black, 10 – 14 y/o, a cool nerd. Loves books and basketball
GRANDMA ROSALINE (Supporting): female, Black (bonus if you are Haitian), 60 – 70 y/o Cool grandmother who thinks her husband is hilarious.
CHERYL (Supporting): female, Black, 60 – 70 y/o, sharp and well dressed Grandmother. Fun to be around.
BOBBY (Supporting: male, Any Ethnicity, 18 – 21 y/o, Thinks he is older than he really is. Funny
SAMANTHA (Supporting): female, Any Ethnicity, 30s – 40s y/o, Man crazy. Funny
ROBBIE (Supporting): male, White, 20s – 30s y/o, A musician. Gives of Hippie vibes
MARY (Supporting): female, White, 20s – 40s y/o, Very dry personality. A front desk worker
JAMIE (Supporting): Male, Any Ethnicity, 20’s – 40s y/o, Normal guy
CHURCH ELDER (Day Player): Male, Black, 40 – 60 y/o
POLICE OFFICER 1 (Day Player): Any sex, Any Race, 40 – 50 y/o
POLICE OFFICER 2 (Day Player): Any sex, Any Race, 20 – 30 y/o
OLD MAN (Day Player): male, Any Race, 60 -70 y/o
OLD WOMAN (Day Player): female, Any Race, 60 – 70 y/o
TOUGH GUY (Day Player): male, Any Ethnicity, 30 – 50 y/o, Very large and intimidating man
YOUNG THEIF (Day Player): male, Any Ethnicity, 12 – 16 y/o, normal looking kid.
RADIO EMPLOYEE (Day Player): Any sex, Any Ethnicity, Any Age
BACKGROUND ACTORS (non – paid) – Church Members, Radio Station Employees, and Party Goers – All Ages, All Ethnicities…
FEATURED Background (non – paid) Featured roles will be given on each filming day and those featured opportunities will be given to selected background actors for the day.

Please note: Due to the number of submissions, we will not be able to respond to every email. If you do not hear back from us by October 28, that means we moved forward with another actor, however we really appreciate your time and consideration of joining our cast!
Producers are looking to cast this film asap so please don’t wait to submit! Early bird gets the worm.
This is going to be a VERY fun movie and we hope to work with some of you soon!

Please review available roles below and submit to any role(s) you may be interested in by emailing your acting resume, headshot and link to acting reel (if you have one) to
You may also submit via Actors Access


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