Auditions in San Diego for Movie “The Last Inning”

By | November 2, 2022

The Last Inning

Location: San Diego

Audition / Call Type: Films

The Last Inning – Old jr league teammates find their greatest memory collapse when an angry parent interrupts their reunion.

TONY (ages 22-26): SHORT STOP.
Standout young male, athletic build. Is big hearted and doesn’t have a loud personality. His loyalty for baseball transpires through his relationships.

JOEY (ages 22-26): PITCHER. Young male, athletic build. Competitive, and quick to get angry. Hot headed to say the least.

Young male, athletic build. A savage, and big heckler, light hearted when playing the game.

DJ (ages 22-26): CATCHER Young male, bigger stature. Has a good arm. Reserved but not quiet, enjoys joking around.

RICH (ages 35-45): FATHER. Middle aged male, good looking, and muscular. Acts superior, and let’s mouth run. Explicit and brash to other adult males, but kind and supportive to his son.

CJ (ages 12-14): SON. Junior league pitcher. Son of Rich, innocent, and selfish to what he wants. Obedient, and does all he can to keep his father happy.


MATT DAWG (ages 22-26): THIRD BASE. Young male, athletic build.

NICK (ages 22-26): SECOND BASE. Young male, athletic build.

CROSBY (ages 22-26) LEFT FIELD. Young male, athletic build

SEAN (ages 22-26): Alternate player for team. Young male, athletic build

Payment: Non-Paid

City or Location of call: San Diego
Please submit to: by 11/08/2022 6:00 PM

Please email a headshot and I will email back with sides and more information about the audition process.

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