Auditions in Seattle, Washington for Speaking Roles in Student Film “Be Me”

Be Me

Location: Seattle, WA

Type: Student Films

I’m the Writer/Director/Producer for a capstone student film called > Be Me. We’re hoping to get this project to a high enough quality mark for festival submission, but even if we fall short I expect this project to be exciting to shoot, enthralling to watch, and engaging material for portfolio reels! I am very passionate about this project, and I look forward to hearing from you — nitty gritty details below.

Title: > Be Me
Project Length: Short Film (5-10 min)
Shooting Locations: Seattle Area, TBD
Union/Non-Union: SAG-AFTRA Short Film Agreement, both Union and Non-Union talent welcome
Shooting Schedule: Expected one full weekend day, as well as a few (partial cast) 4 hour night shoots. All dates TBD September/October 2022

Compensation: SAG Rate ($100/day) deferred, $50/day per diem for speaking roles
Credit: On-Screen credit, IMDB credit if applicable
Amenities: Meals and craft services provided

Applying: Email your casting submission (photo & resume) to by 6pm September 15th to be considered for the casting session. If unable to make the audition feel free to reach out for virtual options!
Auditions: To be held September 17th at Theater Puget Sound. Auditions will be readings from sides, to be provided in scheduling responses and at audition. No preparation is necessary. Callbacks for lead chemistry TBD

Synopsis: Adorkable community college student John is in a classic love triangle composed of his closest lifelong friends. His love for Eileen, his jealousy of Sam, and the mystery of their newfound closeness lead John to ask a 4chan-esque message board for advice, solace, and sympathy. As his situation spirals and his desperation escalates, we are left to wonder – is John the rom-com protagonist he portrays online, or has this anonymous choir made him a monster? And are the two so different?

Role – John: Young man, 20s, dorky. John is a self-described nerd attending community college and descending into radical internet misogyny. He is deeply jealous of Sam, obsessed with Eileen, insecure in his masculinity, and views himself as a classic underdog rom-com lead. Over the course of the short he transforms from kind-if-awkward to raving and monstrous. Must be comfortable singing (no talent/training required) and delivering extremely hateful dialogue.

Role – Eileen: Young woman, 20s, punkish. Eileen is a community college student who hides her fears, concerns, and trauma behind a powerful outward confidence and alternative flair. Queer but largely closeted, she has been helping Sam through their gender exploration in secret for months now. John is a close childhood friend who she’s been hesitant to come out to, and she’s scared of how his increasingly obvious romantic interest in her will impact their friendship and life-long trio.

Role – Sam: Young AMAB person questioning their gender, 20s, ideally athletic.
Sam’s charisma and status as the college’s standout athlete makes them a paragon of masculinity to many in the school, including John – a status they deeply resent. Sam is questioning their gender identity behind closed doors, and has been experimenting with female presentation with Eileen since confiding in her. Facing rejection, hatred, and potentially violence from their family and school, Sam is desperate to bridge the deepening gap between them and John. Must be willing to present male in most scenes, female in the climax.

About Us: We are film students in the UW PCE Film & Video Production program, entering our third quarter where we will complete capstone projects for use as portfolio material for job and graduate school applications, potential festival submissions, and celebration of our growth as filmmakers. Our budget is low as all expenses will be out-of-pocket, but all aspects of principal photography will be conducted in a professional manner in line with industry-standard covid precautions under the guidance of our extremely experienced professors. We will rely heavily on your dedication, drive, and professionalism as we attempt to execute this ambitious and deeply personal project.
Past Work: The Producer/Writer/Director of this short previously collaborated with our DP on another short, in the capacities of Co-Writer/Director and DP/Editor respectively. We are proud of Short Notice and look forward to your help out-doing ourselves with > Be Me

Payment: Other

City or Location of call: Seattle, WA
Please submit to: by 2022-09-15
Please submit headshot and experience summary or resume

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