Actors in Philadelphia for Student Film Project

By | September 28, 2022

CAST M/F ACTORS aged 25-60 for the feature film  HECTIC LOVE.

As part of a feature film  – HECTIC LOVE- which will be produced by a group of young freelance students, we are looking for the following profiles:

Here are the characteristics of each profile sought:

LIAM 25-35 years old: courageous, honest, hardworking, curious.
BRENDA 25-30 years old: Lovely, intelligent, determined and ambitious
Mr USANA 45-60 years old: Submissive, disciplined, passionate about his work and nosy
CAMILLA: 40-50 years old: Submissive woman, homebody and managers of her family’s property
Mr WOODS 45-60 years old: Cunning, full of himself, cynical and very clever.

Availability: OCTOBER and NOVEMBER
Filming location: PHILADELPHIA
well paid job

The accommodation, catering and travel of the actors are the full responsibility of the production

To send:
– Recent portrait photos and full-length photos
– Please attach your CV

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