Casting Call in the Nashville Area for “Making it Home” Renovation / Home Show

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  • Post last modified:05/09/2022

Making it Home

HGTV Canada is looking for Nashville area home owners who have purchased a fixer upper that they would love to renovate.

Does your house need some love to make it actually feel like home?

The show and its construction team and design experts are looking to help out with a renovation that will get the most value out of your home and bring on a jaw dropping reveal.

The show is looking for people that own their own home and have a renovation budget that is at least $130k for the renovation and design of of 3 to 4 rooms in the home with one room being the kitchen.

This will take some time, so homeowners should be willing to move out of the house for the duration of the renovation project which is expected to go 7 to 8 weeks.  The show is looking for homeowners who are fun, energetic, outgoing and would love to be able to share their story with the audience of a TV show.  The homeowners should also be able to hand over control of their renovation project to the team of designers and construction crews that the show will bring in to help with the remodel.

They are also requesting that those submitting to be on the show have a schedule that is flexible enough in order to appear on the show and be filmed during the renovation process for at least 4 days during the process.

Those interested can check out the casting notice on this page for the details.

Do you live in the Nashville area? The HGTV Canada renovation television series Making it Home is currently casting in the area.

STILL OPEN FOR CASTING IN NASHVILLE! If you have a fixer upper that need renovating, this is your opportunity! To apply, head over to


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