Casting Paid Commercial Project in Atlanta


Simulated Hangover + Weeknight Challenge (9 Women Total)

Surely non-alcoholic wines is partnering with Humanaut to produce a series of humorous commercials promoting their product as a non-alcoholic beverage that tastes as good as the real thing. This casting call is live now and is open until Tuesday August 30th, 8pm EST. Feel free to share with friends and family who may be interested. You will be playing yourself! You must be comfortable with spontaneity on camera as these are not character roles.
To be considered as talent appearing in these commercials, please see instructions and
information below:
– Specs:
– Age 25 – 40
– All ethnicities
– Timing:
– Tuesday, September 13 OR Wednesday, September 14.
– Talent will need to be on set 4-6 hours but should be clear for the whole day as individual call times will vary.
– Location:
– Humanaut Studios – 1404 Cowart St., Chattanooga, TN 37408

You are auditioning for (2) different spots:
– The first you will describe (in vivid detail) what a hangover feels like for you. Humanaut will then recreate the scenario with outlandish props for you to interact with.
– The second involves a WINE CHALLENGE where a wine tipsy person and a sober person perform mundane weeknight tasks like folding laundry or wrapping a Christmas gift.
– Specs:
– Age 25 – 40
– All ethnicities
– Direction: Please send a headshot/recent photo of yourself. Also, please submit a vertical video shot on your phone stating your name, age and current city of residence. Confirm whether you’re available for both, or either of the filming dates listed above. THEN…
Describe what a wine hangover feels like to you in vivid detail. Please be as graphic as possible – no censorship! (remember- this is a comedic commercial)
– Example: it feels like there’s a giant vice on my head that’s being turned by an evil overlord
– Example: it feels like there’s a big sweaty dude sitting on my chest when I try to get out of bed
2. Have you ever tried non-alcoholic wine before? If not, would you like to?
3. Would you be willing to drink a bottle of wine in a short amount of time and perform mundane tasks like folding laundry and wrapping presents on camera while tipsy/drunk. **Actual alcoholic wine. We will make sure you get home safely!
– Compensation:
– All talent will receive $250 cash when their filming wraps
PLEASE SEND video and headshot/recent photo of yourself to

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