Casting Real High School Students in Los Angeles for TV Show “Hot Seat”


Hot Seat: Students Watch as admissions officers for college judge their applications.

Would you love to know what people really think about you and about your college application? What if you were being judged on a thing that you prefer to actually hide?

Maybe things that make you feel vulnerable like your text messages, your resume, your online profiles, your finances, your TikTok or Youtube videos, your Reddit posts?

Now, what if you couldn’t say much or interrupt? Can you handle being in the Hot Seat?”

Casting directors for “Hot Seat” are now seeking actual high school students in the Los Angeles area who would love to get an honest opinion of their college admission application.


Jubilee: Casting Real High School Students (Parent’s Consent)
Show: Hot Seat
Filming: Sept 30th and Oct 1st
Paid For Time

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