Casting People Who May Have Gone Overboard With Plastic Surgery

By | October 25, 2022

Reality TV / Docu-Series looking for people who went over the top with plastic surgery.

Have you had too much plastic surgery done and have a few regrets now? Have you had too much filler and feel like you walked away from your real self?  If so, casting directors would love to hear your story for a TV show that is looking to cast people that miss their old looks and may be thinking about getting back to the REAL person in the mirror.

The show is currently looking for people who would love a chance to actually reverse the plastic surgery procedures they have had done.


Have you gone overboard with your cosmetic surgeries? Do you worry you’ve gone too far with the fillers, implants, and extensions? Do you miss seeing the old you in the mirror? Do you want your current partner to see the REAL YOU before the next step in your relationship?

In this new series, couples will go through the transformation of a lifetime, as their partner reverses their cosmetic procedures in order to get back to their true self and let their inner beauty shine!

Casting is open to all gender identities and sexual orientations!


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