Casting People Who Think They Have Psychic Abilities in Denver & NYC

Think you see signs or have some kind of psychic ability? Psychic Laura Lynn Jackson may be able to help.

High Noon Entertainment and a major streaming service are holding a casting call for a new show that is about exploring the connection to the unknown.

Have you noticed some amazing synchronicities in your life that you suspect are maybe more than a simple coincidence? Do you often wonder if you are getting some kind of sign from the universe but have no idea what it all means? Are you wondering if you or someone you love has any kind of psychic ability?  Are you hoping to tune in more fully to your intuition? If so, world renowned psychic Laura Lynn Jackson may want to hear from you and possibly help you explore the signs you believe you are getting further.

The show is casting for the following:

  • Those who believe they are receiving signs and are looking to find the meaning.
  • People who think they may have some psychic abilities
  • People who are open to sharing their stories and are open to exploring their abilities on a TV show with a psychic.
  • You also must be local to the Denver are or the New York City area.

NOW CASTING: Have you ever wanted to work with a world-renowned psychic/medium?
Now is your chance!

We are seeking folks in the NY Tri-State area and Denver, CO who are looking to dive deeper into their intuitive experience and psychic abilities with psychic/medium Laura Lynne Jackson, whose waitlist is over 10 years long and filled with celebrity clients like Jennifer Aniston and Gwyneth Paltrow.

If this is you or someone you know please submit an application at

Applications must be received by Friday, February 18th.





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