Court Show Casting People With Disputes for Court Night Live on A&E

By | August 22, 2022

Now casting a new LIVE court show on A&E! Looking for Non-Filed and Filed cases and disputes!

The show currently seems to be called “Court Night Live” and they really want to hear all about your court case.  The new court show just premiered this month on A&E and folks can check out the trailer online.  It actually premiered on August 10th and airs on Wednesday nights.

Got a dispute that you are looking to settle? Does somebody owe you money and absolutely refusing to pay or simply ghosting you all together? Well the casting directors for a new A&E court show would love to hear all about what you think somebody owes you and why.

The show is looking for people that have either already filed their court cases, or are looking to file court cases over the dispute.

The show is saying that you can win up to 4k and is looking for disputes that fall into the following categories, yet will consider other financial disputes.

Unpaid loans?

Property damage?

Emotional distress?

Breach of contract?

Or maybe something else?

Court Night Live is casting.

If the above sounds like you, check out the casting notice on this page to see how you can get some financial justice…on TV.




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