Extras Open Casting Call for Kids in New York for HBO’s The Gilded Age


HBO’s The Gilded Age now casting period extras in the New York City area.

The upcoming HBO historical TV series is resuming production in the New York City area and is currently casting for paid extras/ background actors that reside in the NYC / Tri-State area.

The show is set in the late 1800’s, a time that war referred to as the gilded age. The Gilded Age is described as a historical period drama and was developed by Downtown Abbey creator Julian Fellowes. The show has been in the works for quite sometime and back in 2012, Julian Fellows announced the show as a prequel to Downtown Abbey.

The series was originally set to be released by NBC but later moved to HBO with a premiere date of sometime in 2021. The series is executive produced by Julian Fellowes, Gareth Neame and Salli Richardson. The cast of the show currently includes Christine Baranski,
Cynthia Nixon, Carrie Coon and Morgan Spector.  Fore more info about the full cast, please checkout HBO’s page about the show.

About the show:
A wide-eyed young scion of a conservative family embarks on a mission to infiltrate the wealthy neighboring clan dominated by ruthless railroad tycoon George Russell, his rakish son, Larry, and his ambitious wife, Bertha.

Grant Wilfley Casting is seeking PEOPLE 3-11 years old to portray 1880’s Caucasian Children for Season 2 of THE GILDED AGE.

– You will be portraying 1880’s Caucasian Kids
– We will be filming in the NYC Metro area and this will be a mix of interior and exterior work.
– You could have very early morning call times (as early as 3-4am!) and/or work late, possibly even overnight shoots as we do not have tentative call time yet. Please be prepared for all scenarios.
– Works 11/4 with covid testing 11/3. A required fitting 10/7 (covid test 10/5). Covid testing and fittings will all be in Greenpoint, Brooklyn.
– There will be a required PCR Covid Test 48 hours before each work date as well as fitting, provided by production. (And yes, it HAS to be within 48 hours, you cannot test the day of, as the results are not instant!)
– You will be asked to comply with HBO covid protocols (I.E. wearing masks off camera, social distancing, etc.) Specifics to come upon booking!
– Fittings usually would be around a 2-3 hour commitment depending on how your fitting goes
– Work days you should have full day/night availability without any conflicts as filming days can last anywhere from 12-14 hours.
– This background performer role is covered by a SAG-AFTRA CBA.
Work = $187/8hrs
Test = $100
Fitting = $46.75/2hrs

IMPORTANT NOTES: (This applies to children as well!)
– WOMEN must have natural colors, NO balayage, NO undercuts, NO wigs, NO weaves, NO braids, NO ombre or unnatural looking highlights.
– WOMEN must be okay with working in a corset, bustle and multiple layers as appropriate to the 1880s.
– WOMEN must NOT have acrylic nails, gel polish, etc. MUST HAVE BARE NAILS!
– MEN must be okay getting an 1880s haircut. (http://production.gwcnyc.com/thegildedagehmunotes)
– MEN Must be comfortable being clean shaven for the shoot OR if you have facial hair already, must be willing to have it altered in an 1880’s style.(http://production.gwcnyc.com/thegildedagehmunotes)
– MEN: must have natural hair colors, ok getting period haircut, and being clean-shaven if your look is clean shaven. If you have facial hair/mustache, should be willing to get it altered. No buzzed cuts.
– MEN & WOMEN must have NO VISIBLE TATTOOS. (especially on neck, shoulders, upper back, chest, & hands)
– MEN & WOMEN must have NO wool allergies.
– MEN & WOMEN must NOT have braces

Please be advised that to work on The Gilded Age S2, all cast members must be up-to-date with their COVID-19 vaccinations as defined by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (“CDC”). Being “up-to-date” means a person has received all recommended COVID-19 vaccines, including any booster dose(s) when eligible. If you are offered employment on The Gilded Age S2 and would like to request an accommodation to this policy due to medical or religious reasons, you must submit your request for approval via WarnerMedia’s Xempt portal.
If interested/available, please email gildedage@gwcnyc.com with the subject line “FB 1880s 3-11yo Kids”
-Full Name
-Confirm you SAG or Non-SAG
-Phone number
-Parent/Guardian Name/Phone number
-Childs Name, Age and Date of Birth
-Are you local to NYC Metro?
-Please attach 3 photos WITHOUT MAKE UP if possible: 1 selfie that shows your current hair length/color; 1 waist up in plain clothes; 1 full body in plain clothes. (ABSOLUTELY NO FILTERS, NO HATS, NO SUNGLASSES, ETC. PLEASE NO SLOUCHING)
-Sizes: Height, Weight, CHEST MEASUREMENT IN INCHES, WAIST MEASUREMENT IN INCHES, shirt size, pants size, dress size, shoe size
-If your child has a current, unexpired New York State Child’s performers work permit please note the expiration date and confirm if your child has a trust account set up
-If your child does NOT have a New York State Child’s performers work permit please let us know if they have ever obtained a temporary one in the past (please do not apply for one yet!)
-Please confirm that you are fully available to work 11/4 with covid testing 11/3. A required fitting 10/7 (covid test 10/5). Covid testing and fittings will all be in Greenpoint, Brooklyn.
-Confirm that you understand that child AND guardian both will need to covid test in order to accompany child for work + fitting
-That you have read & acknowledged the show’s vaccination policy.
“Children belonging to an age group (ages 5+) for which the FDA has approved or authorized a COVID-19 vaccine are required to be “up-to-date” with all COVID-19 vaccinations if eligible, as are all guardians and teachers who will accompany children to a production worksite. This will include a child who becomes eligible for a vaccine or booster during their time working on the production. Currently, COVID-19 vaccination is approved for all children ages five and above. A reasonable grace period of two weeks will be allowed for hired cast members who reach an appropriate vaccination eligible age to receive their full vaccine and share proof of the completed series.”



3 thoughts on “Extras Open Casting Call for Kids in New York for HBO’s The Gilded Age

  1. Thomas D Apple

    I am available for 12-14 hr durations on all days, but I am unable arrive on set earlier than 7am. I have my own Victorian/Edwardian clothing, in case that would be appropriate. Can provide photos . Not a member of SAG.

  2. Ashley Ayoub

    I am a huge fan of Downtown Abbey and period pieces. Since I was a young girl, I was always fascinated with the clothing, mannerism and style of communication. I would be honored to have the opportunity to background perform in The Gilded Age S2. All the requirements are met.


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