Auditions for Supernatural Show – Think You Have A Ghost Near You?


Supernatural show casting call.

Do you believe in the supernatural? Do you believe in the paranormal? Would you like to participate in a groundbreaking social experiment that revolves around the supernatural and things not easily explained?

If so read on because casting directors for a television show may be interested in hearing your story.

An acclaimed production company is holding a casting call for people that believe in supernatural beings and believe that they may be affected by ghosts, spirits, dark energy, unexplained forces or even some kind of demons that may be attached to them.

Do you have something that you feel is attached to you?

Do you have a ghost or dark energy attached to you?

Does it follow you where ever you go or live?
Has your life been affected negatively since the spirit attachment?
Are you ready to rid yourself of the attachment?
An acclaimed production company is casting nationwide for people between the ages of 21-40 who have a GHOST or some other dark energy attached to them!


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