Iowa Audition for Indie Film “Into The Valley”


Thriller about the dark side of the tech industry

Location: Remote audition, filming location will be Iowa


Logline: Following her mother’s sudden departure, Kara leaves the impoverished East Side for a job in the Valley to support her family’s cafe – only to discover that the tech utopia has a dark side, including hidden surveillance.

Kara – Female, Black, early 20s, determined and restless with her low-income situation after losing her father to gun violence and her mother’s departure

Varun – Male, South Asian/Indian descent, early 20s, desperate to succeed in the competitive atmosphere of the Valley, loves his brother and grandmother more than anything, wants to be a firefighter despite the low earning potential

Lynn – Female, Caucasian, 20s, insecure but audacious daughter of two lawyers/an abusive father, struggles with an eating disorder due to the stress of family and working in the Valley

Tom – Male, Caucasian, 40s-50s, veteran suffering from PTSD who now works in tech in the Valley as Kara, Varun and Lynn’s manager, volatile personality and insecure about his own impoverished history

Joe – Male, Black, 40s-60s, a homeless veteran who lives on Kara’s street and watches over her almost like a surrogate father figure

Aunt Marsha – Female, Black, 40s, Kara’s aunt who helps her run the family café following the departure of Kara’s mother and expects Kara to prioritize the family above all

Amar – Male, South East Asian/Indian descent, 8-12 years old, wanders a lot in response to his parents being away often and enjoys art

Mrs. Prabhakar – Female, South East Asian/Indian, 50s-70s, Varun and Amar’s supportive grandmother who now looks back at life as something that must be lived in the moment rather than driving yourself into the ground for others’ expectations

Officer Lopez – Female, Hispanic, Filipina or Caucasian, 30s-40s, police officer who advises Kara regarding how to handle her suspicion of Tom

Debbie – Female, Open to any ethnicity, 30s-50s, Chatter campus counselor who values company/manager reputation over employee wellbeing

Croucher – Male, Caucasian (but open to other options), 30s-50s, a deranged homeless person who chases Kara and Amar using a crab walk

Malya – Female, Southeast Asian/Indian descent, 20s-30s, engineer who works at Chatter and expresses interest (possibly jealousy/judgment) when Varun brings Kara to the company holiday party

Payment: Paid

City or Location of call: Remote audition, filming location will be Iowa
Please submit to: by 2022-11-01
Headshot, resume

This casting notice was posted by: Sarah Katz, Candid Bay Productions

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