Live Callers for Twitch Show “Call Your Dad”


Location: Nationwide

Type: Talk Show

We are casting live callers for a Twitch show called CALL YOUR DAD, where people who are not able to speak with their father’s for whatever reason, can use one of our “Dad provisers” to get that dad advice, or apology, or closure that they were not able to get from their real dad’s.

Do you wish you could tell your dad off for that time he didn’t show up to you game? Or ask your dad how to unclog a toilet? Or ask your dad if Santa is real?

If you want a surrogate father to step in and answer your question, give us a call at (518) 223-9767 to leave a voicemail for our Dad to answer on our show.

OR would you like to be a LIVE caller? Email us your question & tell us about your relationship with your father in an email to and we will reach out if you are chosen.

**You can remain anonymous.**

Email with any questions you may have!

Payment: Non Paid

City or Location of call: Nationwide
Please submit to:
If interested in leaving a voicemail to be answered live on our show, just call this number with your question for your dad: (518) 223-9767 If you are interested in being a live podcast caller, please submit to our email what question you would like to ask, and what your relationship is like with your father.

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