Major Cable Network Show Casting People Who Just Came Into Wealth


Now casting folks who have recently come into a good amount of wealth or have reached a totally new level of success.

A major cable network is looking for people whose lives have been dramatically changed by newfound wealth.

Did an event like a lawsuit or an unexpected inheritance lead to a major payout?

Did you somehow win the lottery or maybe even find a treasure that was worth a small fortune?

Did you create something that went viral that you were able to turn into a huge payday?

Did a brand you are behind end up taking off overnight?

If any of the above sounds like a situation you have recently gone through, casting directors would love to hear all about your payday as well as your story.

Those interested may check out the casting notice on this page for further information on how to be submitted for the show.

Casting a fun new documentary series!
If you or someone you know is newly wealthy & figuring out how to navigate in your new income bracket, we’d love to hear from you.
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