Online Auditions for “Leap” Musical


LEAP – a new musical – Online Readings/Workshop

Location: nationwide (Online)

Type: Theater

Come audition for the ONLINE developmental readings of LEAP – a new musical! No singing will be required for this table read, the creative team wants to hear the script at its present draft.

LEAP – a new musical – Online Readings/Workshop

Actors will be PAID.


WILHELMINA (WIL) – 41. Female. Musician. Sister to Bheka. Neurotic and stand-offish, but good hearted to a fault. Youthful appearance. Has lived with an extreme anxiety disorder, depression and agoraphobia her whole life but has kept it hidden.

BHEKA – 36. Female. High school teacher. Sister to Wil. Outgoing, playful, honest and a little self-absorbed.
Has experienced a traumatic event and is suffering from intense PTSD and anxiety. Has never experienced a mental health condition previously.

CAILEN – 21. Male. Aware of his good looks, but doesn’t flaunt them. Closet Nerd. Easy going and optimistic, but also insecure and a people pleaser. His parents are wealthy, disinterested and uninvolved in his life. He has spent most of his adolescence with his Aunt and Uncle and their dog Edo.

EDNA – 50+. Female. Online Psychologist. Very open and friendly, patient and level-headed with a touch of sass. Wants to change lives for the better. Loves bees.

AGNES – 50+. Female. Online Psychologist. Candid yet whimsical. Moderates the Online mental health group. Loves her rhyming slogans and uses them religiously. Believes in her methods.

FISK – 30. Male. Quirky and passionate, stubborn but steadfast. Belongs to the online mental health group.
Suffers from PTSD, OCD and agoraphobia.

ROS – Late 30’s+. Male. Former Army Sergeant. Belongs to the online mental health group. Suffers from PTSD and depression. Treats Mari like a daughter and looks out for her. Gruff on the outside with a marshmallow center. Competitive, determined to succeed, young at heart.

MARIGOLD (MARI) – 16. Female. A force of nature, but child-like; strong-willed, but fiercely loyal. Belongs to the online mental health group, they are her family. Exhibits symptoms of bipolar disorder.

See the following link to access all the audition information:

DEADLINE to submit: Monday August 22 @ 11:59pm MST

Payment: Paid

City or Location of call: nationwide (Online)
Please submit to: by 2022-08-22
Please see: for all the audition information

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One thought on “Online Auditions for “Leap” Musical

  1. Megan Smith

    As someone who struggles immensely with mental health, this is so wonderful to me. Mari is like looking at a mirror for me. I’d be honored to be a part of such a project!


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