Performers in NYC for Dance Theater Production

By | July 18, 2022

Untitled Performance Project (Dance Moms x Lord of The Flies)

Location: New York City + surrounding Jersey area

Type: Theater

Project details below:

Working title: Untitled Performance Project (Dance Moms x Lord of The Flies)

Casting: Seeking 6-8 performers from all ages, genders, and abilities. Emphasis on casting those interested in experimenting with performances of “girlhood”. BIPOC and LGBTQIA+ performers are encouraged to participate. No previous dance experience necessary though the project would be a great fit for experienced and novice dancers/performers to work together.

Rehearsals: Weekly rehearsals begin roughly the week of July 11th or July 18th in NY. Location determined upon performer availability. Each rehearsal will be approximately 2/2.5 hours.

Performances: A taped workshop viewing will happen in NY on August 13th or 20th. Dress rehearsal in the gallery on September 12th. Performance on September 15th at Mason Gross Galleries.

Compensation: As a student at this time I cannot offer monetary compensation to the performers in the ways that I aspire to, but I am working towards a modest stipend for the September 15th performance. I can promise at the bare bare bare minimum a fruitful and generative rehearsal process, snacks, and documentation to be used for your own reels down the line. I have a background in photography, production, amateur videography, and the ever dreaded “admin” – I’m also very very game to figure out skill/time trades if that is appealing to a performer as well!

Project description: In an American suburb a dance teacher mysteriously never arrives to class, leaving a studio full of middle school-aged girls unsupervised. Without a designated authority figure, lesson time turns into a playpen for a warped TikTok remix of Dance-Moms-meets-Lord-Of-The-Flies. Together, the group must re-negotiate their relationship to movement, mastery, and desire, thrashing their way through the contracts their bodies fell into without ever knowing they signed.

A Note on Process: Since this project is repeatedly asking what happens when the expectation of authority shifts in a space, it is important for me that the early phases of the rehearsal process leave a healthy amount of room for experimentation. Along with responding to my own prompts, I will continually ask performers to bring in their own questions and suggestions to the material.

Payment: Other

City or Location of call: New York City + surrounding Jersey area
Please submit to: by 2022-07-23
“If you’re interested in participating please share with me what about this production is speaking to you and 2-3 short work samples you want to share. Additionally, for the sake of the project (there are no wrong answers) what does being a brat mean to you? What does bratty movement look like and how would your inner brat perform if it had a whole stage?”

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