San Francisco Auditions for Dark Comedy Film “Meta”


“Meta” Short Film. A surrealistic dark comedy inspired by the writing of Franz Kafka.

Location: San Francisco Bay Area

Type: Film

Father/Peter (Lead) 25-50
caring, attentive, law-abiding, push-over, naïve optimist

Mother/Phyllis (Lead) 25-50
bored, sarcastic, withdrawn, strong-willed, pessimist

Daughter/Lisa (Lead) looks under 10
caring, imaginative, observant, patient, brave
*minor insect prosthetics and makeup required

Son/Greg (Lead) looks under 13
creative, brave, quiet
*extensive insect prosthetics and makeup required. No overly sensitive skin or allergies to latex, silicone, makeup & adhesives.

Salesman (Supporting) age 25-50

DHM employees (minor) varying adult ages
stern, bored, by-the-book, unbending, uncooperative, argumentative

The Homeless – (minor)

When a family vacation is derailed by a flat tire, young Greg wanders far from the family car to pick sunflowers. His act of innocence is prohibited and punishable by the slow metamorphosis into a bug.
The family tries to appeal to the land’s higher bureaucratic powers for help, but it leads to despair.
Peter, the family patriarch, loses his wife, son, and daughter through a downward spiral of depression. He resorts to extreme measures. This alienates him from his daughter, Lisa, who runs away from home.
Lisa runs into a wild, broken society and takes her deformed brother with her. This act of love becomes her demise and she takes the same fate as her brother.

From the Director:
As an approach to acting, I am not shying away from theatre-style performances. The majority of the film will be exploring the melodramatic tone of classic Hollywood and television. Actors play archetypal characters. Think of Peter Lorre, Humphrey Bogart, Katharine Hepburn, Peter Sellers, Grace Kelly. Leave it to Beaver etc etc. We will hone the characters in rehearsal.

With this project, I am planning to work the script further to the actor’s strengths. This way we can empower the comedy and bring more life to the film.

Payment: non-paid

City or Location of call: San Francisco Bay Area
Please submit to: by 2022-10-07
Submit a photo resume to Auditions Sept. 24 & Oct. 8 weekends.

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