StageScores in Dallas TX is currently casting a mature male character actor


UNION MOTHER – casting mature male character actor with heightened language experience.

Location: Nationwide (remote recording)

Type: Theater

StageScores (Dallas TX) is currently casting a mature male character actor for the role of the Operator in Kirby Gosnell’s new dramatic musical UNION MOTHER, which depicts the early years of the American labor union movement under Mother Jones. This is a paying project.

The Operator, who owns an Act One coal mine and an Act Two garment sweatshop, is primarily a dramatic dialogue role (he has 9 extremely short 45-second-long song segments). Because of the 1800s heightened language, the role requires someone with either Shakespearean training, or else training in some other heightened language approach. The Operator must be portrayed in a compelling manner without feeling the need to lapse into modern-day speech delivery. He is not a cartoon villain, nor a buffoon. The script is based upon real interviews with, and quotes from, actual American business owners between 1865 and 1911. The Operator is a complex chameleon who can turn on a dime to get what he thinks is necessary for his business. These multiple layers of subtext and motivation will require a performer with experience in heightened language.

We are currently in the process of a remote distanced recording of UNION MOTHER. All other roles have already been cast and are already recording. Regardless of the Operator’s real-life chronological age, he must be able to convey a mature-sounding speaking voice of 40+ on the audio recording.

Submissions and inquiries can be sent to

Payment: Paid

City or Location of call: Nationwide (remote recording)
Please submit to: by 2022-08-31
Email a recording of a heightened language monologue to

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