Theater Auditions in Portland, OR for “Guilds of Manzoa: An original power metal musical comedy”

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Guilds of Manzoa : Power Metal Musical Comedy

Location: Portland, Or

Type: Theater

Guilds of Manzoa
An original power metal musical comedy
Script by Norman Grey
Music by Heidi Davis and Ken Bussell
Directed by Makaela Terrance

Jaimie, Max, Spencer, Kelly, and Steve are your typical Dungeons & Dragons group with their typical campaign. That is until the group decides to “branch out” and play a mysterious role playing game called “Guilds of Manzoa”. Through the game, the group of friends is transported to a fantasy world where they discover 3 elder dragons (posing as greedy billionaire business moguls in the real world) that control both realms with their hoards of wealth. In order to save mankind they must band together and destroy the evil dragons.

Some songs from the score for your listening pleasure! :

Queen of the Amazon –
The Midas Touch –
The Questing Song –
A sneak peak at the other tunes –

Available Roles:

Jamie: Our protagonist. They just got hired at Amazon and serve as a vessel for the story. Curious, quick-witted, master of none.
Spencer: Our game master. Meticulous, snarky, paints pictures with words. Frequently disappointed by the party’s lack of attention to detail and commitment to the campaign.
Max: Our protagonist’s coworker. Kind of aloof and dull, but likeable. Dating Kelly.
Kelly: New to the party because of relationship with Max. Doesn’t really “get” the game, but wants to make friends. Loves thrift shopping and Buy Nothing groups on Facebook.
Stev(i)e: Spencer’s considerably older sibling who hosts the gaming sessions. The cool older sibling, who would buy beer for Jamie, Spencer, and Max. Living off of a mesothelioma settlement.

Their avatars:
Frisius: A paladin. Righteous and true. Leader of the group. Preferably female.
Merlind: A wizard. Resourceful and wise. Supports party with spells.
Edge: A rogue. Cunning and sly. Makes deals and quiet kills.
Jimothy: A bard. Laid back and fun. Powers up party with songs. Male or convincingly masculine.
Krark: A barbarian. Burly and simple. Smashes things.
Bill Gates: Second in command. More meek, but still capable.
Elon Musk: Third in command. Afraid the other two will betray him. “The Oracle of Omagh.”
New Balance Bob: Middle management figure. Could be NB Barb.
Melinda Gates: Bill Gates’ wife. Walk-on role.
Alexa: An android. Yep, we’re doing that schtick again. Would play better as female.
Mountain King: Monarch of a Kingdom of one. His fortunes are long gone, and he lives in a mountain keep with his two minions.
Goblin Merchant: A travelling salesman and guide for the party.
The Gillock: Imaginary, then real ogre the party defeats. Towering in stature.
2-3 Chorus Members: To play trolls, tavern people, Amazon employees, and other roles


At Samaritan Odd Fellows Lodge 10282 SE Main St, Milwaukie, OR 97222
Sunday 2/20 table read/ sing a long 5:00-8:00p
Sunday 2/27 5:00-8:00p choreo/ blocking
Sunday 3/6 5:00-8:00p choreo/ blocking
Sunday 3/13 5:00-8:00p choreo/ blocking
Sunday 3/20 5:00-8:00p choreo/ blocking
Sunday 3/27 5:00-8:00p choreo/ blocking
Sunday 4/3 5:00-8:00p choreo/ blocking
Sunday 4/10 5:00-8:00p music rehearsal
Sunday 4/17 5:00-9:00p choreo/ blocking
Sunday 4/24 5:00-9:00p choreo/ blocking
Friday 4/29 6:30-8:30pm TBD brush up
Sunday 5/1 5:00-9:00pm Run through and polish Act 1
Saturday 5/7 10am-1pm TBD brush up
Sunday 5 /8 5:00-9:00pm Run through and polish Act 2
Saturday 5/14 10am-1pm TBD brush up
Sunday 5/15 4:00pm-9:00pm Dress/tech
Wednesday 5/18 7:00-10:00pm Dress/tech
Thursday 5/19 7:00-10:00pm Dress/tech


At Samaritan Odd Fellows Lodge 10282 SE Main St, Milwaukie, OR 97222
Friday May 20th at 8pm
Saturday May 21st at 8pm
Sunday May 22nd at 6pm
Friday May 27th at 8pm (yes, it’s Memorial Day weekend)
Saturday May 28th at 8pm
Sunday May 29th at 6pm

Payment: Non Paid

City or Location of call: Portland, Or
Please submit to:
headshot, resume, and contact via email to schedule an in-person audition on 2/6/ 2022

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