Acting Auditions in Michigan for “Hive” Indie Horror Film

By | October 2, 2023

Hive, an independent, non-union zombie action film, shooting throughout fall and winter.

We already have a few roles cast, but we’re looking for more.
These roles are paid. Shooting in southeast Michigan.



Sergeant Chip “Howdy” Hawkins, Caucasian, 30-45. This Cowboy hat wearing Sniper is blonde, tall, and full of southern charm. Don’t mistake his niceness for weakness, his sharpshooting skills are deadlier than a rattlesnake (PAID)

Sylvester “Sims” Lopez, 34, Hispanic. The Tech guy. Smart & Inquisitive, solid operator who’s always questioning the situation.

Chief Alexa Airheart, 25-30. Former hero helicopter pilot. Recently promoted to CHIEF of the S.I.A. (Special Intelligence Agency). Famous for surviving 7 days crashed behind enemy lines. Her boss is DIRECTOR CLOVERFIELD. Used to date LT HAVOC (PAID)

Dr. Clara Starr, Caucasian, 32. Long brown hair, mousy glasses, and a big smile. A prodigy scientist. You can see the brilliance in her eyes (PAID).

Director Felix (or Felona) Cloverfield. Male or Female, 55-56. A serious attitude and a cool head. Head of the S.I.A. (Special Intelligence Agency) for the past 25 years. The weight of the secrets on his/her shoulders would crush another man (PAID).

Dr. Genevieve Rivers, Caucasian, 55-70. The founder of the lab. She is Now living in a Cabin near the secret facility. Unable to escape the disaster, she is now trying to cure her half zombie, half human son, TOMMY (PAID).

Dr. Hatfield Rivers (55-70), Caucasian, 55-70. GENEVEIVE RIVERS husband. They went to college together, and the government recruited them as top secret research scientists. Lost his mind, after the incident turned his son into a zombie (PAID).



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