Actor Audition in New Orleans for Movie


No actual acting experience necessary.

Seeking men and women who grew up in the New Orleans and surrounding neighborhoods / housing developments. People (Teens and Adults) who found or find themselves fighting through inner-city adversity to attempt to make a better life for themselves. People that may have once lived the “Hustle” life. The director is seeking a certain level of authenticity
Submission Process- Please send a headshot photo to Also include 1 or 2 sentences of what role you feel you might fit and why. Use subject line: FH SUBMISSION

STORYLINE – The story set in Algiers and based on the struggles of life for one young man, his family, and friends leading up to Katrina, during Katrina, and post Katrina.


[LORENZO AKA PA-PA] Male, early 20s, Black, Jabar’s best friend from childhood. Masculine, but with the soft
underbelly of a teddy bear. Big smile. Loyal. A ride-or-die protector spirit. Even with his charm, there’s an air of
melancholy surrounding his energy. He dwells on his unfulfilled potential, feeling he never found his proper footing
in life. Raised in the New Orleans projects with Jabar. They came up together, partners in drug dealing to make a
living. When Jabar is released from prison, Pa-Pa soon recruits him back to a life of hustling. SUPPORTING LEAD (7)

[TRANICE] Female, 16-Early 20’s, Black, Jabar’s younger sister. Sheepish. Cheeky. Huggable. Somebody you want to
protect. Takes on responsibility, as she cares deeply about her family. Growing up, she spent a lot of time inside,
living in fear of her environment. She and Jabar have a special bond, as Jabar looked after her especially when their
mother was incarcerated. She’s the first in her family to be accepted to college… SUPPORTING LEAD (7)

[DEZI] Male, 40s, Black. Jabar’s long-time drug supplier. Cutthroat when it comes to his business. Intense. Charismatic. His threatening unpredictability holds a presence. But he does what he says, reliably. The kind of person that makes an uncomfortable joke way too loudly and laughs at it himself. SUPPORTING ROLE (23)

[ANDRE] Male, early 20’s, Black. A longtime neighborhood rival of Jabar. Dope slinger. Stocky, with a quiet intensity. He kills Pa-Pa, Jabar’s best friend, leading to the main conflict in the story – Jabar getting shot by Andre
and seeking revenge. 2 speeches & 4 lines, 3 scenes (37)

[JEROME] Male, early 20’s, Black. Gretna born. Tall. Lanky. Tense with Jabar and his people. Punches Jabar in the
face after the big blow-up at Pa-Pa’s service. Jabar stalks him in a local club restroom as he seeks revenge. 4 lines, 3 scenes (60)

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