Auditions For Actors in NYC for “ON THIS DAY”

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29 Hour Reading/Play “ON THIS DAY”

Location: New York, NY

Audition / Call Type: Theater

Seeking actors for a paid 29 hour reading of ON THIS DAY in NYC. Tentative dates 03/20/23 – 03/24/23.

Producer: On This Day, LLC
Director: Georgia “GG” Glenridge
PSM: Brooke Matterson

ON THIS DAY is a new play exploring the pandemonium of an American family following the unexpected arrival of a stranger on their doorstep. Singing is a plus, but not required, for all 4 roles. The play is a period piece taking place in the 18th century but featuring contemporary text.

Staged Reading Code ($1000 Stipend)


AMELIA (seeking actor 18+ to play 14): Female identifying. Naively committed to her idea of a perfect family. Unaware of her mother’s past. Peppy and upbeat, though she can be vulnerable in private with her sister.

SARAH (early 20’s): female identifying. College educated and wants everyone to know it. Weary of her mother and protective of her sister. Starting to suspect there is more to her family history than she has been told. ***See note below***

NORA (mid 40’s):Female identifying. Became a mother before she was ready and resents Sarah for it. Loves her family but is counting down the days until she can continue the life she put on hold.

THE STRANGER (any age): Female identifying. Arrives on the family’s doorstep one afternoon with a suitcase and a note. Dark and broody, though not seemingly dangerous. Has an air of familiarity with Nora and an instant connection with Sarah.

***The role of SARAH has currently a brief moment of scripted nudity. The moment is extremely helpful but not integral to the storytelling. While in the shower, Sarah hears AMELIA cry out and, panicked, runs out only to find that THE STRANGER is there with Amelia. She hurriedly finds and wraps a towel around herself and the action continues. There is also a conversation with NORA referencing Sarah’s build and size, but the playwright is committed to changing that description to fit the actress we find for the role. There will be a closed session with the director, intimacy director, PSM, and actress (with free license given from the playwright) to discuss everyone’s comfort levels at this (and future) stages and tailor the moment to this production.

Payment: Paid

City or Location of call: New York, NY
Please submit to: by 02/13/2023

Please submit headshot, resume, short contemporary monologue, and short singing cut (optional) to the link below:

Callbacks (with provided sides) 02/22/23 – 02/25/23 via Zoom or in person in NYC.

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