Auditions for Adorable Dogs Who Don’t Mind Being Photographed – Nationwide

Got a cute dog? Dog Auditions for adorable, photogenic furry friends.

Is your doggy ready for the limelight?  Think your dog missed his calling as a dog model? Calling all doggy models and their owners.

If you would love the opportunity to cement that incredible bond between a dog and their human, read on because a production currently called “Paw-Parazzi” may love to hear all about the dog and his human companion.

A production company would love to hear about you and your furry BFF to possibly participate in what is being called an opportunity of a lifetime to have amazing artists create amazing works which feature you and your dog or dogs.


Have you always wanted to be on TV AND bring your dog along for the fun? Do you want a chance to sit (or lay down or roll over) for a custom portrait that will immortalize your bond forever?

Then you’re in the right place!

Saloon Media is casting a fun new lifestyle/art history series where passionate dog owners and their pups participate in a once in a lifetime experience pairing you and your dog with incredible artists to to create a spectacular work of art featuring you and your dog(s).

Whether you’re a single dog owner or part of a big family, we want to hear about your amazing relationship with your dog and how dogs make our lives better. We’re looking for all kinds of dogs, owners and their stories. We’ll cover the hair, makeup, wardrobe, location and props; the full star treatment for a stunning portrait that will set your social media feed on fire.

Visit for more information and to apply online today!

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  1. Kerri

    We have a beautiful brindle Stafford Terrier/Tennessee Treeing Hound mix. He is our rescue baby. After loosing 3 family dogs in one year, (age, cancer, poisoning). We were done. But, I love dogs so much I decided to volunteer at a local No Kill shelter. That’s when Maverick came into our lives. He really wasn’t a candidate for the shelter. But, he had been at Animal Control for 4 months, he had pneumonia, kennel cough and was very thin. He was scheduled to be euthanized in 36 hours. But, all the volunteers that choose the pups and dogs for the shelter all loved him so they saved him. My daughter was volunteering with me that day. The minute she saw him she said, “Mom their he is. He is your dog” I volunteered to Home Foster him and the rest is history. He is so sweet and loving. We call him the “Poster Boy for Pitts” because they always get such a bad rap. We have a gag of stories to tell about him. He is a star!. He loves the Ocean, the snow, riding around in the desert in our off-road vehicle. Romping around with our friends dogs and cuddling with us when we binge watch Yellow Stone.

  2. Teena

    I have two adorable dogs, Princess Buttercup, a 10-year old golden retriever and Sweet Pea, a one year old aussie shepherd/border collie mix. I live on a Rez in southern Ontario and the three of us, along with our two cats, have the time of our lives. Buttercup and Sweetpea run behind me on my ebike, wherever I go on the Rez. Sometimes with a leash on Sweetpea, sometimes without. Sweetpea started by riding on my lap, then graduated to running beside me with a leash, now if she behaves, she can just run freely behind me. We have a large, public dock near my place and we go there everyday, pretty much, throughout the year, they chase birds, get a drink, roll in the snow or sand and Sweetpea runs around a nearby building and back, two or three times. Then they run behind me in the car (right now) to our home.

  3. Marilyn

    Only interested in jobs for dogs! Been in Chinese sharpei for 31 years, and have done many commercials and print ads….Dogs are well trained.

  4. Sandra Madrigal

    How do you apply?

    1. erica

      see link on the casting notice.

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